Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Okay this has gone too long without an update!

I am amazed at how many people email me about how pissed off they are I've been AWOL from the old Bloggity Blog Blog! It really is nice to know people read it and want to read more. I'm sorry, and I am going to do my best to write regularly here. You can't really take a break from this thing or you'll just find it harder and harder to get back into it the longer you leave it!

A lot has been going on with my job as Administrator of the Boundary Museum that I just didn't want to talk about in such a public forum. Basically, the Society that pays me is locked out by the City of Grand Forks. Now I'm still being paid by the Boundary Museum Society... but how long will that go on? I don't really know.

So once again my life is thrown into uncertainty... and that adds a bit of anxiety to my everyday life I don't want. I'm actually holding up great despite the added pressure of (probably) facing unemployment again. But I hope things work out and I can go back to work soon. For more info go to the Boundary Museum Blog (Run by fellow Museum employee Les Johnson) here.

Oh and please feel free to email me or add me to your facebook! Can't wait to hear from you!