Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just so everybody knows I'm no longer employed as I've walked away from my job. I tried it... was happy with the money but for whatever reason I felt uneasy and nervous. Now that feeling is normal and completely understandable when you first start a job. But, when it increases in intensity with each and every day that passes something is wrong.

Even on the weekends I couldn't calm down. I'd clock watch every minute of the day and count, to the second, how long I had till I had to go back to work... and When I was at this Job I'd count every second till I got to leave. This led to less sleep, less eating, and worst of all I could feel myself start to go to a very dark place again. I couldn't work there any longer and be healthy.

I've played it over a million times in my head that I can...."just go to work and collect a paycheck", "It's just a job it doesn't rule over me" , "I need the money cause I've got no financial options if I leave", blah, blah, blah........ But, this particular Job, for whatever reason, was creating a response from me that has made me stop wanting to talk to friends, going out on the weekend, writing here on my blog, and worst of all I was avoiding talking to my family, and if I did, I simply lied to them about what was going on. When I did talk to anyone I had the same answers 'Job is fine', 'It's a lot to learn', 'can't go out tonight I'm busy'.... and those were again, just lies.

I did the job fine, very well in fact, but it was making me sick (Meaning Depressed for those who don't know). I don't ever want to be sick like that again. Now this is obviously a simplified 'Readers Digest' version of what's going on with me right now, but so many of you are emailing and asking me how the job is going, I just felt it would be easier to put it here as it's mostly good friends and family who read this anyhow. So If I haven't got back to you with an email or a phone call lately, this is why... but don't be put off, please stay in touch as I won't hide from you ever again. As for what I will do right now? I'm not really sure, but I do know while I may be scared and upset about my situation, and I've worried many people with this decision, I do know that I've done the right thing for myself.

Thank you.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow......"

You know for my money the all time best version of the song "Let it Snow" was by Mister Ed Ames. There is no doubt, that when Ed was singing 'Let it Snow' he was talking about a day like today. NEVER, have I seen as much snow fall as I have in the last two days. And for the lower mainland that is CRAZY! The city is in a panic, and I have no idea if I'll be able to make it to work tomorrow. Oh well, all I can do is go to the bus stop and see if the Bus shows up or not.... this weather is certainly out of my hands.

Speaking of work, many of you have been asking how my first week at work went...well it went. It's a lot to learn, and quite frankly a little overwhelming. I'm a little stressed out about the whole thing still, but I'm hoping as I continue to learn more about the software program that I am supposed to help people with, that the stress will lessen and let me enjoy my evenings a bit more.

I've now lost 30 pounds thanks to weight watchers! That's 30 pounds in 11 weeks for those counting at home. I feel very much lighter on my feet and I look forward to losing at least another 20. I would also like to take this time to thank all of you who have been supportive of my weight loss journey... you've all been a great help and I owe you all very much.

Oh before I end this little update, I need to share that the Gonzaga Bulldogs started off their 2006-07 season by beating #2 ranked North Carolina Tar Heels. That made me VERY happy!

Now since I started off with Ed Ames, why don't I end with Ed Ames......enjoy!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Well there is much to talk about.....

.....but little time to do it in! It's been a whirlwind week in my little world! First off the big news.... I got a job! Yes I got a real job, with a livable wage and a possibility of it being interesting work! It's a software company that makes billing and clinical software for medical clinics. I would be the guy who will help the hospital employees out on the phone if the have a problem with the program. It's an office job Monday to Friday so that's good, and it's in Surrey. But, it's a little far away and is going to be a bit of a bitch to get to on the bus. So if anyone has a car they want to give me... please give me a call or email me!!! Hey can't blame for trying can you?

I'm very scared to tell you the truth, as I haven't worked in a long time but deep down inside I know it will work out just fine. I start on Monday at 8:30 am sharp. However due to the crappy bus system I think the closest to that time I can get there is 7:30am.... c'est la vie.

Last night I was the emcee of a big Elvis concert in West Vancouver called "Ultimate Elvis - An Evening of Champions". The crowd wasn't huge (Yet it wasn't small) but it was enough to break even and make some money for the Food Bank and it was a great show! Some Great Elvis singers were there, and It was fun doing theater type stuff again even if it was just being an emcee. I also met some great people last night... a very rewarding experience all around.

So that's just a quick news flash for now. Again, I'm pretty excited yet nervous as hell all at the same time about the new job but as I said earlier I'm sure it will be just fine. As always please don't be a stranger email me or call today! Oh yeah speaking of calling, I finally entered the 21st century and got a Cell phone. Hooray for me! I feel almost like a 'with it' kind of cat now, what with having a job and a Cell phone! So now you have to write me to get my new cell phone number!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Taking a break for Remembrance Day

Hey there! I just wanted to poke my head in and say that my top 10 actors list will be coming next week as I've decided to take off for a few days to Kamloops to visit family and friends! In the meantime you'll notice I've changed a few of the links over on the right side of the blog and I've added a really cool widget that shows you what I thought of the last few movies I've seen!

It's also Remembrance Day and I urge ALL of you to take the time on the 11th and go to you local services where ever they may be and remember those who fought to preserve the rights FAR too many of us take for granted. Don't say you are too busy, or have better things to do, just go. It's the very least you can do for those brave men and women.

So check out the new links, especially the one to my page. I have to wonder if I am the only person who visits the blog who has a myspace page, the most popular thing going on the internet today!! If you do add me as a friend make sure to leave a comment or two on it as well...

I'll be back soon with more top 10 lists and more musings about my so called life (Hey, 'My so called life' that would be a great name for a TV show!)... In the meantime here is a VERY funny video from the boys of 'The Mighty Boosh' called 'Sweet', enjoy!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sorry for the delay....

I haven't posted in over a bad. And weirdly enough, there are some people who take the time to email me and let me know I haven't posted!!! So here I go, bound and determined to not make this post about whining that I have no Job or this and that. Instead, I'm going to make some lists... yes you read right lists with an 'S'. I am going to list in the next few days my top ten favourite Movies, Actors, TV shows, Music acts, and maybe, Video Games ever played. But the best part is each listing will be accompanied by my expert commentary on why each deserves a place in my all time top 10.

Now keep in mind these are my Personal top 10 lists so no complaining please! Well, okay that’s not true I welcome your complaints and suggestions by emailing me and posting comments here on the bloggity blog (Which by the way, you don't have to register for, as you CAn post anonymously. But just remember to sign your name with your comment so I know who you are. Never did figure out who my Internet stalker was.....You still around Internet Stalker? )

So today let's start off with a Juicy one.... All time top favorite Music acts!

10. The Housemartins: Who? I hear many of you ask? Well this British Band hit it big in North America with a song called ‘Happy Hour’ but quickly faded away from notice here. I only really learned to love these boys when I discovered a few of their albums in a Radio Station I was working at in the early 90’s. Then I bought their compilation ‘Now That’s what I call Quite Good' and it is a must for all music fans.

9. Alanis Morissette: Shocked to see Ol’ Alanis on the list? Well so would I, if I saw this list 15 years ago. But since then, Ms. Morissette has become one THE female singer/songwriter from Canada, if not the world. She really got started with the HUGE ‘Jagged Little Pill’ but I think really hit her stride with the less angsty ‘Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie’. My favourite songs of hers are many from ‘Unsent’ to ‘Ironic’. Plus I think she’s GOURGEOUS!*

8. Paul McCartney: Depite his recent divorce problems, The Cute Beatle is still one of the greatest names in Music history. Macca (As the British Press call him…why can’t the British Press have a cool nickname for me?) is, in my opinion, the best solo Beatle, putting out Classic albums like ‘Band on the Run’, ‘Flowers in the Dirt’, and ‘McCartney’.

7. Bryan Adams (1980-1987): While that may read like Bryan died when he was 7 years old it is representative of when his music career me at least. Now, I don’t hate Bryan's new stuff (Some of it is great) But for me it’s this seven year period that I can listen to over and over again without tiring. Any album from this period is a gem, but I tend to grab ‘Cut’s Like a Knife’ more than the others. He is however, still an amazing act to see live.

6. Chris Isaak: Yet another person I love to see live in concert. First time I saw Chris on TV was on 'Late Night with David Letterman' singing Blue Hotel. I knew this cat was different yet very reminiscent of an old 50’s rock ’n roll heatthrob. So many Albums to choose from Old Chris but his best is ‘San Francisco Days’.

5. The Ramones: I owe my Brother Sean on this one as he was a HUGE Ramones fan, and that made me one too. They started Punk Rock yet kept their musical sensibilities the whole time and made great sounding songs that I believe can be enjoyed by young and old alike despite their label of Punk Rock! Go right to any of the bands albums released from 1976 to 1986 for a great listen.

4. R.E.M.: This was one of the bands I discovered in my High School days and still love as much now as I did then. This was also a band that turned me on to the fact I didn’t have to listen to what my high School contemporaries were listening to (Skid Row, Poison, Motley Crue, and any other shitty hair band you an think of). They opened the doors for me to a lot of bands I now love (The Cure, The Smiths, New Order, Pulp, The Replacements and the list goes on and on….) 'Document' and 'Green' are my faves of this great band!

3. Billy Bragg: The bard from Barking describes himself as somewhere between William Blake and Stuart Pearce (Although I really don't know who Stuart Pearce is...Anyone?). I came to learn about Billy while in England back in 1991 with what I STILL think is his best Album 'Don't Try this at Home'. I've seen him three times live and he never fails to disappoint.

2. The Who: Faithful readers of my blog KNOW that I am pretty mad at The Who as of late BUT that doesn’t take away from the fact these guys are one of the greatest Rock N’ Roll bands of all time. They have had members die, and even fired one, but they continue to sound good today and still make new and relevant music that I still enjoy. Roger Daltrey is the best Hard Rock Singer of all time, John Entwhislte was the greatest Bassist, Keith Moon the craziest Drummer, And Pete Townsend the most Dynamic Guitarist I’ve ever seen. Albums of note are ‘The Who Sings My Generation’, ‘Tommy’, ‘Who’s Next’, ‘Quadrophenia’, and ‘Face Dances’ (YES, I love Face Dances!)

1. The Beatles: Come on do I really need to tell you about these guys? They are the best, hands down. They could do it all and better then anyone. I love all of their albums but the best one John, Paul, George, and Ringo ever made was….. ‘Revolver’ but 'Abbey Road' is right up there, but so is ‘Beatles for Sale’ and what about…..

Bands who just missed the cut…. Ben Folds, Lionel Ritchie, The Kinks, Green Day, Weezer, Barenaked Ladies, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and a host of others.
Remember to comment here or email me to share your top 10 lists….

Coming up next, top 10 Actors ever!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me... Well tomorrow anyhow.

As of Saturday October 21st I turn one year older. It's really no big deal as I've only freaked out once about my advancing age and that was when I turned 32. Now tomorrow I'll be 35, but I don't feel to much like celebrating instead I'll just put my energy into making this next year a better one then the last two. I did however, get the best gift already from my Mom and Dad .... "The Deluxe Book of SuDoku #2"! I kid you not, I've spent the last few days (Their gift package arrived Wednesday and was filled with other cool stuff too) doing puzzle after puzzle, I think I'm addicted! If you haven't played SuDoku before, check out your local paper and give it a shot! I'm not going to explain it here but a good teacher is cousin Giles in Farndon UK as he is the one who initially showed me how to do it!

So as you can tell the internet is back up and working! I stuck it to 3web and got Shaw to put me on their service behind 3webs back! Let's just say 3web wasn't going to let me disengage their service until the end of the month ....well I showed them!

Saw a GREAT movie last week... The Departed. Why can't they make more movies like this one? All-star cast (Matt Damon, Leonardo DeCaprio, Mark Whalberg, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, and Jack Nicholson) First rate Director (Martin Scorsese), and you have a film I don't mind spending 13 bucks to see. This is a film meant for the widescreen of a theater... simply fantastic. Go see it today if you can. It's Violent but not overdone or gory. It's easily the second best film I've seen all year. Next up I want to see is The Prestige which has a similar all-star cast!

So that's about it around these parts.... Internet is back up, Job Search continues, and I am still going to weight watchers and have lost 16 pounds so far in six weeks! Yeah for me! Until then as always feel free to email me or leave a comment and say hi! Also if you've got the time feel free to drop by my page by clicking here, and add me as a friend if you happen to have a space there as well!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Still without Internet, still without a Job

Well here I sit in the Surrey Public Library by a guy who is more interested in what is on my screen then what is on his, and another guy who smells like he started his morning with a bottle of Wild Turkey. I love Surrey!

The job interview yesterday with JP morgan was a bust. I did well and may very well be offered the thing, but they didn't pay very much above minimum wage. And when I told them what I thought was a reasonable starting wage the guy looked at me like I was from Mars, and simply said 'We don't pay that much'. And trust me when I say what I asked for was not a lot, and barely enough to live on.

My internet is down for day number 5. My adventures with the 3web (My internet provider)support team have been talked about on here before (I'd link you to that post, but the Library internet doesn't allow for opening multiple pages and in short I can't do anything too fancy with my posts) and let me tell you they haven't improved. Needless to say I tried to cancel my service to sign back up with Shaw but 3web refused to release my modem until the end of the month (No released modem means no siging up with shaw until 3web releases the modem from their system). I thought about Telus but visiting their website shows me that I can't get ADSL where I live. So hopefully the internet is back up soon as I can't look for work at home without it, and the internet here (As I found out today) won't let me use a floppy or a CD to access my Resume and send it to people who want to hire me.

As always I love to hear from you email me today, especially if I haven't heard from you in a while! I may not respond right away (No Internet obviously) but when I check my email here at the library tomorrow I'll have something to read and write back too!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Internet Down , sweaty, and being given the evil eye by some creepy looking dude!

GADZOOKS! I got home Monday from a terrific holiday in Grand Forks and found out that I had no internet!!! It's now Wednesday and I still have no Internet! I am currently on the web here in the Surrey Public Library after having just been to the gym .. I'm sweaty, and some creepy looking dude, who is waiting for a computer, is looking at me like he wants to kill me so he can get on to check his email.

So, this is going to be short and sweet..... I have a job interview tomorrow with JP Maorgan bank in the USA (No not the JP Morgan who was a judge on the Gong Show.) and I'm here doing some last minute studying so I don't look like a complete ass when I go in there tomorrow! So wish me luck...

I've also just been to the gym working off the Thanksgiving feasts that I was lucky to get in GF. My regular instructor wasn't there much to my chagrin (She's really HOT!) and I'm about to go home and watch 'Lost'. Actually I really have to go because I have 5 minutes left on my computer time and that guy standing behind me who REALLy needs to get on the internet is about to stick a pin in a voodoo doll that looks a little like me!!!

As always email me kiddies and say hi!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I know I'm not the best dressed guy.... but HOMELESS???

Hidey Ho! What to tell you this week kids, ummm I know! After three weigh-ins at Weight Watchers I've lost 8.2 pounds! It might have been more but the last meeting was done two days earlier, so my weelky loss total wasn't as high as it's been in previous weeks! So, Yay for me!

I went to the Gym tonight. When it's nice out, I usually just wear my 'gym strip' (Does anyone actually call it 'Gym strip' anymore?) and walk to 'Fitness World' from 'The ol' Love Shack' (Does anyone actually call my apartment 'The ol' Love Shack' anymore?). Anywhooo, I'm walking down 105th Avenue searching through my bag for my Mp3 Player and maybe, I was swaying back and forth a little while trying to rummage through the bag and I'm stopped by a man in a suit. He hands me a piece of paper and asks me to come to his church for Thanksgiving IF I NEED SOMEPLACE TO GO FOR A WARM MEAL AND A PLACE TO GET OFF THE STREET!!!!!!!! So I said the only thing I could ........"Fuck you" and continued on to the Gym.

Billy Bragg concert this Friday and I am VERY excited about going!! Billy Bragg, as I mentioned last week in the bloggity blog, is a fantastic musician and damn funny, his talk is almost as good as the music! As you also know, I'm going with Mike Ciccone, and eagle eyed fans of CTV's "The View" may have seen Mike make an appearance on the in-between-show community announcements playing a lost hiker! Bravo Mike, you played the part of a slow, confused, half-wit with a believability that was uncanny.

Oh before I go, make sure you guys watch The Office tomorrow at 8:30pm. I swear this is the best Sit-com on TV since Seinfeld! It's one of those rare shows that is actually better than the British show that spawned it!

Okay, okay I didn't tell the church guy to Fuck off.... but I sure wanted to!

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Who or Billy Bragg....

I've got two of my all time fave music acts coming to town in the next few weeks, Billy Bragg and The Who. Now normally if I was employed going to see both might be an option, but in these cash strapped times it was even doubtfull I'd get to take in even one of the shows. Well, despite my financial hardships I really wanted to go to these concerts, so a few weeks ago I went to ticketmaster and typed in Billy Bragg... sure enough tickets just went on sale for the show (Which is happening at the beautiful Commodore Ballroom). And get this, they were only 30 bucks each!! Wow, this might be do-able I thought to myself, so let's just see if I can get some cheap seats for the same price for The Who in October at GM place.

*Clackity clackity clack* goes my keyboard as I look for tickets to what was once the loudest Rock 'n Roll Band alive (And for my money the best live Rock band EVER!). The results came upon my screen and my Jaw Dropped........... $202.00 per ticket to see what was still left alive of The Who!!!! $202.00??? $202.00 FREAKING DOLLARS???? Hold on this must be some super up-close seat that allows you to hang with the band after the show, and also lets Roger Daltrey make out with your date.

"My god I can't do that ...Lets check what the cheap seats are going for!"

*Clackity clackity clack*

"$87.00?!?!?!?? $87.00 for nose bleeds?"

I felt ill. Now going into this ticket buying mission, I had seen The Who twice before and was not going to be denied a third viewing, that is until the figures of 202 and 87 bucks filled my eyes. Sorry, but unless The Beatles and Elvis were the opening act I wasn't shelling out that kind of cash. Suddenly going to see "The Bard of Barking" Billy Bragg at 30 bucks seemed like a free show! I quickly bought a ticket for myself and my good friend Mike Ciccone to see Billy and then sat back to try and figure out how ANY Band can charge $202.00 for a Stadium show.

I could see MAYBE paying that if I got to see The Who in a small club or cafe where I could request songs. Much like when I got to see the Barenaked Ladies do a private concert for me and 30 other people some 10 years ago. Now that was a show!!! I took a girl I sold shoes with at the time named Jeanette Coomber.... *Sigh* Whatever happend to Jeanette Coomber?? Man, did I have the hots for that girl! Anyhow I digress...

I've seen Billy Bragg twice now (The Picture of Billy above is from the last show I saw him at where I was front row Center!) and this show will make number three. The guy puts on a fantastic concert and even if you don't like his music, his in between song stories and rants are worth hearing as they are funny, extremely well thought out, and smart. Can't wait to go see him on Sept. 29 at the Commodore with Mike (Although Mike don't look HALF as good as Jeanette Coomber did!) It'll be like an early Birthday present for myself (I turn thirty-freaking-five on Oct. 21 ...can you believe that?)

I'm sure most of you have heard of "The Who" but if you haven't heard of Billy click on the many Billy links scattered throught this post and if you'd like to hear one of his songs click here! Let me know if you like it and want to come along to the show with me next Friday!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well I said to myself.....

...I would take one month off to let the creative juices flow again and I did and boy are they Flowing!!!!!! What to tell you? I appreciate all the emails asking me where the hell is the next post on the blog! I was actually shocked at how many emails I got wondering where I was!

Well I didn't go far and I didn't do much, well thats not totally true. I was away for a few weeks of R&R in Kamloops visiting my Brother Jim, Tanja, and Ben and Raili ( "I WUUUUV GREGG!"), and then of course I took a couple weeks out at the folks place in Grand Forks where I got to see brother Sean, April, Sam, Chloe, and of course the entire McGraw clan.

Now back here on the lovely coast I have been REALLY trying to get a freaking job! I've applied to a ton more jobs and as always if you hear of ANYTHING whether you'd think I'd like it or not I want you to email me about it!

I did do one thing that may raise your eyebrows... I joined Weight Watchers! Yes, I had to do something., After gaining soo much weight while on medication I quickly lost 20 pounds when I stopped the pills, but that rapid loss has stopped and I feel I have sooo much more to go. So, with my best friend Roy Barisoff's wife Brigitte along with me(She's the one who got me to go!), I went to my first meeting of Weight Watchers!! And you know what.... it was great! First off I was in a room of many single, good looking women and secondly everyone was really nice! It's an interesting eating plan and it's simple enough for even me to follow! I'll keep you posted on what happens....

In the meantime I apologise for taking such a long break and I will be back at least once (But hopefully twice) a week telling you everything you never really wanted to know about me. If I haven't heard from you in a while or if you haven't heard from me, It's just been a very busy month and I am hoping you take the time to email me as I really want to hear from you.

Oh yeah before I go here is a little skit from the hilarious show "Little Britain" that I couldn't get out of my head while attending my first Weight Watchers meeting. ENJOY!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lost a good friend last weekend....

I am still quite shocked by the loss of one of the nicest men I have ever met, Timo Taskinen. Timo passed away on Saturday due to a sudden heart attack and I'm not sure It's totally sunk in with me yet. I first met Timo and his lovely wife Verna at my Brother Jims wedding to his wife Tanja. Timo was part of Tanja's Finnish 'family' having moved to Canada in 1970 with Tanja's parents. Even in that brief meeting, you knew Timo was a really good guy. I got to know Timo even better when he helped my girlfriend at the time find an apartment to buy. I had always thought realtors were fast talking guys trying to sell you something no matter what. That opinion changed with Timo as he was so cool and nice while we looked at different places. There was no pressure and he gave honest opinions on the places we saw. If anyone I knew was in need of buying a house I would tell them "TEAM UP WITH TIMO"! You couldn't go wrong...

I have never been good with what to do when someone you care for passes away and I never know how to approach the immediate family. I just want everyone to know that Timo was a great man and was taken far, far, too soon from us. And I know that Timo's wife Verna, like Timo, is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet, I only wish there was something I could do for her. It was only a few short weeks ago I spent the night at the Taskinen's beautiful White Rock home and have never felt more welcome in someone else's place. Timo will be missed so very much...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Day at 1-800-Got-Crap...

Had another Job interview this week! It was for the company 1-800-got junk. If you have junk, and you need it hauled away you call these people and they take care of it. The Job I applied for was to be one of the people on the phone who would book your appointment and make the sale.

I had the interview at noon on Wednesday and I took Transit... I knew I was in trouble as soon as I walked out of the apartment because I was already sweating. Anderson boys sweat, we sweat so bad that white T-shirts must be worn at all times under ANYTHING! Well, I was already getting wet spots on my arm pits by the time I reached the Sky Train. One bus transfer later and the wet marks were even bigger... "OH Crap that was my stop" I think to myself, as the bus drove past my destination of west 3rd avenue, missed by me, due to the frantic fanning of my underarms in a desperate move to stop the growing dark wet spots. The wetness was advancing much like those old movie newsreel animations showing how the Third Reich swept across Europe in 1939.

"No Problem" I think "I'll just get off at the next stop..". Well, that didn't happen until 12 blocks later as this was an 'Express bus' with limited stops! I had only 20 minutes until my interview started, but I lucked out as the next bus comes along right away and I'm making my way back to west 3rd. The correct Bus stop is reached, and I have 5 minutes to make it to 1-800-got-junk. So I have to run... If you thought the sweating was bad before, you have no idea how a slight jog in the heat will aggravate the situation.

I make it to the Interview with a minute to spare, but now the pit stains are so big that simply keeping my arms down won't hide them. The pools of perspiration are now the size of pie plates underneath each arm and I don't even want to know if I have dreaded back sweat!

First thing I notice about the 1-800-got-junk office is that it's all filled with early to mid 20-somethings all wearing T-shirts with Iron-on transfers from the 80's that were cool when I was 12, but now have a certain cheese factor so they are 'cool' again. Then, after after finding out there is no receptionist to report to (I'm told that's "Too Corporate"), I mange to make myself known and lean up against a wall painted with inspirational messages. I look down and see the sweat marks have almost reached my shirt breast pockets... I think that' a personal best for sweating.

Then out of nowhere a giant Dog comes up, puts his paws on my thighs and starts sniffing at my crotch! It's like a scene out of a bad Chick Flick starring Hugh Grant. "Oh he's just the CEO's Dog" a young 20 something woman with 4 piercing in her face says...."Hi! Come with me and we'll get the Interview going". The Interview had me and 2 others being interviewed at once by two people who were younger than me. I've been in situations lately where I've been reminded I'm getting older, like hearing kids talk about 'Old Music" like The Beastie Boys or Huey Lewis like it was a Lawrence Welk repeat on PBS. But I've never been interviewed for employment by two people younger than me.

A quick glance around this office saw about 60 High School type cubicles with these 'Cheesy/cool' T-Shirt wearing people sitting at their phones surrounded by inspirational messages about aiming higher (higher sales I would assume) and sales quota numbers. I looked around for Alec Baldwin screaming at people to close their sales a la "Glen Garry Glen Ross" but he was nowhere to be seen...

The Interview started with the girls apologising that they didn't bring the Blue Wigs for us to wear. Excuse me....Blue Wigs? Apparently, they actually make the candidates wear blue wigs during the interview to show they are willing to be part of the 1-800-junk family! This is not a joke or an exaggeration for the sake of a good story... They really do this. So no wigs to go along with my dinner plate sized pit stains, what a pity...

The next 90 minutes of this group interview are a hazy memory of buzzwords like "Think outside the Box", "Sales Coach" instead of the proper term Sales manager (I know I lost points when I had to ask what the hell a 'Sales Coach' was), the word Synergy was used far too often, along with the phrase 'team member' instead of employee.

Since it was a 'Group Interview' to hire new 'Team Members'.... I kind of zoned out during the other applicants answers (We all said the same thing anyhow) and noticed they had a pool table and a foosball table for employees. I also noticed they weren't being used. I've always heard about these companies that offer all these extras for employees but frown upon their use as it means you have too much free time and need to be working more

Anyhow despite my Lawrence of Arabia type sweating, and being slightly ill at ease with the 'Hipness' of the company I really felt I did well with my answers and did okay with the interview overall. It turns out however that I didn't do okay. My uneasiness at the hard sales approach and hipster dofus image this company tried hard to present must have come through as I got the call today telling me that they just weren't interested.

I didn't ask why they didn't want me, as images of how I must have looked with Lake's Superior and Huron under my arms, and my lack of disappointment when the blue wigs weren't brought out basically told me it probably was for the best. But the fact is, not getting a second interview REALLY bothers me personally. I could have done what they wanted, at least for a while. I know it's not a personal attack on me that I didn't get the job, but part of me feels that way. And also part of me is actually thinking I was just too old. I'm only 34 and I was too old. That thought is kind of scary... I've never been too old for anything!

Again, It's all probably for the best I'm not there, but it still sucks being turned down for something you think you could have done. It also puts doubts in your mind if anyone will want me to work for them doing anything. But that's bullshit thinking, we all know it. I'll get something soon, and I won't have to wear a Blue Wig or fight off the CEO's dog to do it

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

David Letterman's Mr. Curious , circa 1985

When Letterman was King!!!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Sorry for the delay!

Well I have been wanting to update the ol' Blog for some time now but my Internet service provider (3web) has decided to not work a lot of the time! I'd say in the last week it's been down for about half of that time! Not good! A call to the "Customer Service" was not very inspiring either as it was a woman who I'm not sure even owns a computer just going down a flow chart

"Is your ONLINE light blinking? NO .... hmmm, okay then I go to question #4."

No lie, she was actually saying that. I could actually hear her finger dragging down the paper to the question she needed to ask next!!! So needless to say I'm hoping the internet stays up and running so I can get this very brief update posted!

Hey I had another Job interview on Thursday! It went well, but is only for a temp job until October. If I get it, it would at the VERY least make me a bit more money and get me out of the house for a bit.

And lastly (Sorry this is such a rush entry into the Bloggity Blog Blog, but I'm scared the internet will go down again) here is a photo taken by Moi of my brothers Jims family at Thomas the Tank Engine In Washington State! ENJOY!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Well I just saw my favourite film of the year....

Raunchier, funnier, filled with better acting, and with a much deeper emotional resonance than the first one (And that's saying something because 'Clerks' is in my top 25 films of all time). Clerks II did prove you can go home again and have an even better time during your second stay!

Now it must be said I have much more in common with the characters Randal and Dante than I like to admit (especially Randal), but sadly I do. This film made me laugh out loud and pee my pants but then it also made me get all quiet and think "Jeez I know exactly how that guy feels!" followed by a twinge of sadness for the Character.

Nowhere is this emotion in the film more prevalent than in a classic Kevin Smith scene of Dante and Randal talking back and forth after skipping out of work to race some Go Karts. After some well timed jokes and dialogue, Dante asks Randal why he needs to go to the Go Karts to calm down when he gets upset. Randal just responds something to the effect of "Cause it reminds me when times were simpler and everything was ahead of you, instead of now" and the look of sadness on actor Jeff Anderson's face is so full of emotion and sadness when he said it, it really got to me. Just an outstanding delivery.

If the emotion is what makes this film brilliant at times, it's the funny that maintains that level. Dick and fart jokes reign supreme, as well as the most shocking take on racist epithets that I have ever seen on film. And the beauty is after you see it, it kind of makes you think. And that is why Clerks II should be, and will be, set apart from your average gross out comedy. The man takes base subject matter and can make you think!

It wouldn't be a clerks movie if Jay and Silent Bob didn't show up and once again they do not disappoint nor are they overused or overexposed in the film. Smith knows when to bring them in and when to reel them back. The beautiful Rosario Dawson is fantastic as Randal and Dante's boss, but some of the best laughs come from Trevor Fehrman as Elias. The scene with Elias and Randal talking about a troll named 'Pillow Pants', it must be seen to be believed.

So is this film for everyone? Hell no. Will some say I'm crazy for liking it better than Clerks? More than likely! Will some say I'm crazy for liking it at all? I don't doubt it. But for me this film hit all the right notes and much like the first Clerks will be watched by me for years to come!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

As promised...

It's been a year since I've been to England and I can't believe it! It honestly seems like yesterday since I've been there and I thought it would be nice to show a video of all my pictures from the trip! Honestly I hate carrying around a camera and I only caught about 1/10th of what I saw but here it is for all of you to see!

I miss everyone over there sooo much and I hope this video works!!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm back!

Helloooooo! Certainly been one of the busiest weeks I've had in a long time so you'd think I would have TONS to tell you! Well yes and no. I had a great time with my Brother Jim's family in Issaquah, Washington on the weekend. We went down for the Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine and it certainly lived up to the hype! They could have done a really lame job and just thrown up a booth here an there with Thomas tattoos, and sold some overpriced food, but they really provide a great Thomas experience for the kids and Adults! Ben freaked when he saw the life size Thomas for the first time. "IT'S THOOOOMAAAASSSSSSS!!!!". It was hilarious... Hopefully in the next few days we'll have some footage from Jim's Video Cam to post, as well as some photos!

Meanwhile on the home front, I'm going to the Gym and losing all the weight I had put on the last year while on Antidepressants! It's hard work but I've lost 20 pounds in the last month! Sounds like a lot, but I'm 6'7" so I've got quite a bit more to go until I feel normal again!

Also one week from Now It will be one year since I traveled to England to see the extended family! So in the next few days I plan on uploading a nice video collage of all my pictures I took on the big trip! So watch this space!!! As always if you've got something to say, don't hold back email me or leave a comment here on the blog today!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm going to Issaquah!

As faithful readers of my Blog know I get to go on a little trip tomorrow! My brother Jim and his family (Tanja, Ben, and Raili) are picking me up at lunchtime to head down to Issaquah, Washington to enjoy a Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine! Ben doesn't know about Thomas yet, as he may just get a wee bit too excited so everyone has decided to hold off and wait until the big day to tell him!

So since Ben asked me to come along I've got to go pack and get ready for a couple days of fun! Benny is a funny kid who's passion in life is Thomas the Tank Engine and the Thunderbirds (Here he is dressed up as Virgil captain of Thunderbird #2 although I'm not sure who the big goofy lookin' guy is beside him!!)

Oh and in case you missed it at my brother Sean's blog, my other Nephew Sam has also taken to dressing up like some (Pictured left) famous literary character, but god knows who he's supposed to be! Okay, Okay I'm joking I know exactly who Sam is.... He's dressed up as Atticus Finch from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

Been going to the Gym for the last few weeks regularly. OH MY GOD AM I SORE! As I type this I am so thirsty but my legs are so sore I don't want to get up to drink the last Orangina in the fridge! Ahhhh yes Orangina, the best darn drink known to man! Screw it, I'm ending this and gonna drink some Orangina!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bored and a little annoyed with my life,,,,,

I am sick of my apartment. I am sick of not having anything to do. I am sick of having nowhere to go. Now trust me when I say I am REALLY trying to get into a routine by going to the gym, and taking a walk a couple of times a day (But have you seen my neighborhood? Not exactly a walk through Yellowstone Park is it??).

In between walks and Gym visits, I feel like a contestant on the TV show Survivor with extremely long sessions of nothing to do in between challenges. Most of my friends are married and very busy with their lives during the summer, and that's fair, and I completely understand that. But it leaves me to my own devices, and while I've always been extremely independent it's really become far too much of a good thing. Honest to god it's times like this when I wish I wish I had a roommate again!

I know I'm to blame for most of this. I should be coming up with new hobbies and things to do (Why do you think I started a Blog?), but for some reason when I try and think of something new to do I just go blank. I don't have any money at this point in my life to do much. I don't turn on the TV anymore until well into the evening because there is simply nothing worth watching during the day, and since it's summer not much more on at night. I guess what I'm trying to say is... I've hit a rut. A BIG time rut, and it's starting to really become an annoyance.

I know all I have to do is get a job, and I will, hopefully very soon (I will get one right?). But this rut, or more correctly all this free time, is really starting to get to me. If I were wealthy I would travel the world, end of problem. But sadly, that is sooo not an option for me.

One bright spot however.... I get to go to Issaquah Washington with my Brother Jim's family this weekend. Really looking forward to seeing the kids! Last week my brothers wife Tanja told my nephew Ben about the trip to Washington State and that it was fun for kids and grown ups. Right away Ben asked Tanja , "Is it fun for uncles, too? Can Gregg come?" What a great kid! Love him, and all my nieces and nephews, to death.

Wow, how whiny and self absorbed was that post? Well, I'm allowed, it's my blog. I also worry when I get down if I'm having some sort of recurrence of my clinical depression. But then I realise that being healthy means I'm going to feel a full range of emotions including feeling down sometimes. Everyone feels that way every now and then, and it doesn't mean my sickness is coming back. So when I think of it that way, it kind of makes me happy, and relieved, knowing I'm just feeling normal human emotion, and I don't have to worry I won't feel happy ever again. Trust me, clinical depression isn't a normal human emotion, it's the blackest pit you can ever crawl into. That crap is behind me... onwards and upwards from here on in. No more being bored and feeling down about where my life is. But also, no more panicking that I'm back in the throes of depression when I do have a down day like I WAS having before I wrote this.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Well at least I got the Interview!

Had a Job interview today! It was at a company much like the one I worked at before, and it was a job opportunity that I thought would be a lot like the one I had before. Well, at least that's what I thought it would be...

It was a nice interview and the people were great, but when they said I would be on the road 3-4 months of the year I just had to be honest and say I wasn't interested. Spending my days driving to Kamsack Saskatchewan, trying to get a few sales is not my image of ideal employment. After I told the two people conducting the interview I wasn't interested they were really nice and we continued to talk for about 20 minutes.

It was good to get the interview under my belt and I feel more confident about the whole getting a job thing now. I always do well in interviews, and I don't think this was any exception. Well except for the fact I told them I wasn't interested halfway through... I'll have to remember not to do that ALL the time.

So lot's more jobs have been applied for and I'm expecting to be back in the rat race sooner than later, but as always if you hear of anything PLEASE email me and let me know!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mighty Boosh clips....

I've had a few people asking me about the show "The Mighty Boosh", a show I talked about earlier this month on the blogitty blog blog. So here are some clips that may give a taste of a show that I find hard to accurately explain to people...

And finally this clip is a news story about 'The Mighty Boosh' and gives a very good overview of the series...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman has certainly RETURNED!!!!

I was front and center Wednesday afternoon to see 'Superman Returns', the sequel to one of my all time favourite films, 'Superman' staring Christopher Reeve. Let me tell you folks, he certainly has 'returned'!

I remember the first time I saw Superman, it was 1978 at the Gem Theater in Grand Forks, BC. The place was packed, in fact, there were people sitting in the center aisle on the floor! The only other time this happened was when 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' came to town one year later. Now, I had loved Superman in Action Comics well before this film came out, and was wondering how they would make it happen on the big screen with real people! Well, as we all know they made it happen, and Christopher Reeve was probably the greatest Superman we will ever know.

But sitting in the theater Wednesday afternoon I again had the same thoughts, "How are they going to pull this one off?". I was worried about all these things I had seen in the papers, and on the internet. Lois Lane has a Kid? Why is Superman's 'S' shield so small? They are going to directly link this to the 1978 Superman? All of these things caused doubts to fester in my brain and all of these doubts were silenced the minute the classic John Williams Superman theme filled the theater accompanied by the classic swooshing credits.

I won't say much about the film (for fear of giving too much away) but Brandon Routh is a worthy Superman, who gives The Man of Steel a range of emotion that also makes him a man of flesh and blood. I do feel however it must be said that Routh is not quite as good as Christopher Reeve, but come on, who could be? Kevin Spacey makes the greatest Lex Luthor EVER, and I even preferred Kate Bosworth to Margot Kidders version of Lois Lane! I was actually giddy at certain parts and I wanted to stand up and cheer like my nephew Ben at a screening of 'Cars'. It's true to the comic, and it's true to it's film predecessor. In short, this is the best movie I've seen all year, DON'T miss it!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Wow, what to tell you....

Well, another week and another few posts to the ol' Blogitty Blog Blog. I'm not sure really what to tell you. What do you guys want to know? You can always email me and ask, or if you are feeling really adventurous you can always post a comment. Nothing makes my day more, than visiting the blog and seeing new comments from you guys. Well, to be honest an email from a really hot single babe wanting to date me, might make the day just a bit better. But I'll take what I can get, and comments will do just fine........ I guess.

I've been watching a lot of World Cup Soccer in the last few weeks and I must say every four years I get really excited and caught up in the whole thing. I even get up to watch England when they play at 6am (Yes I'm cheering for England... shocking huh?). But then I watch my first game and realise (as I do every four years) I'm just not that crazy about the sport. It's kind of slow, and features some of the biggest nancy boy cry babies I've ever seen! I should say I have seen premier division matches in England and they are pretty exciting to watch live. But on TV, sorry, I just don't get all the fuss. Despite all this, I continue to watch England and their march to world Soccer domination, and I even got quite excited today when Beckham scored to give Old Blighty the win. No doubt my tune will change when England makes it into the final, and I will be running up and down the street with my St. Georges Cross flag tied around my neck like a cape and singing "Here we Go"!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I am George Costanza....

Thought this conversation from the Seinfeld episode 'The Revenge' applied to my life of unemployment right now.....

GEORGE: I like sports. I could do something in sports.

JERRY: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. In what capacity?

GEORGE: You know, like the general manager of a baseball team or something.

JERRY: Yeah. Well, that - that could be tough to get.

GEORGE: Well, it doesn't even have to be the general manager. Maybe I could be like, an announcer. Like a color man. You know how I always make those interesting comments during the game.

JERRY: Yeah. Yeah. You make good comments.

GEORGE: What about that?

JERRY: Well, they tend to give those jobs to ex-ballplayers and people that are, you know, in broadcasting.

GEORGE: Well, that's really not fair.

JERRY: I know. Well, okay. Okay. What else do ya like?

GEORGE: Movies. I like to watch movies.

JERRY: Yeah. Yeah.

GEORGE: Do they pay people to watch movies?

JERRY: Projectionists.

GEORGE: That's true.

JERRY: But you gotta know how to work the projector.

GEORGE: Right.

JERRY: And it's probably a union thing.

GEORGE: (scoffs) Those unions. (sighs) Okay. Sports,...movies. What about a talk show host?

JERRY: Talk show host. That's good.

GEORGE: I think I'd be good at that. I talk to people all the time. Someone even told me once they thought I'd be a good talk show host.

JERRY: Really?

GEORGE: Yeah. A couple of people. I don't get that, though. Where do you start?

JERRY: Well, that's where it gets tricky.

GEORGE: You can't just walk into a building and say " I wanna be a talk show host."

JERRY: I wouldn't think so.

GEORGE: It's all politics.

JERRY: All right. Okay. Sports, movies, talk show host. What else?

GEORGE: This could have been a huge mistake......

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

These are a few of my favourite things.....

Last night I was Booooored. So boooored, I went through my backlog of unwatched DVD's and pulled out a Gem, the 1979 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century pilot movie (As brought back to my attention thanks to Clive Lovetts blog)!! Wow did this thing stink!! BUT, it did remind me of a great action figure that I had long forgotten about..... "TIGER MAN". Tiger Man is on screen for about three minutes then gets kicked in the nuts by Buck Rogers, but what an Action Figure he made!!!!
I know that I LOVED my Buck Rogers action figures, but I haven't thought of them for YEARS! Thinking back, I remember ALMOST liking them more than the Star Wars Action figures because they had better articulation and weren't so cartoony! I can guarantee back then I didn't use the word Articulation. Woo Hooo TIGER MAN!!!! By the way I dare anyone to watch the Buck Rogers movie and not have their ears bleed due to the theme song! "Far Beyond the woooorld I knooowww......."

Job Search continues! I haven't heard back from anything yet but I am feeling more confident, for whatever reason, that I will be working shortly. I will continue to hammer the Library by dropping a resume off again next week. I've got nothing to lose right? As always if anyone knows of any type of work that I would be suited for please email me today. Hell, even if you don't have anything just email me and say Hi today!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Whatever did I do without my Mp3 player......

A week ago I was taking a Loooong bus ride out to White Rock to visit the Doctor and it was PACKED. I stood (Yes I stood, it was that busy) and listened to two drug addicts compare Crystal Meth stories, and one really, really, large lady hork up phlegm like she had the disease 'Captain Tripps' from the Stephen King novel The Stand. Well I was dreading the 50 minute bus ride listening to all this 'ambiance' when I remembered I had my trusty Mp3 player with me. I slipped it on and went into the music goodness of Billy Bragg, The Beatles, and Chris Isaak all of whom helped drown out the horrible sounds of The Greater Vancouver Transit system.

So this all leads me to the point of this blog entry. What is Gregg listening to on his Mp3 player? Many of you have emailed and asked me what I've been listening to lately* so here goes .....

Out of the 1300 plus tunes I have currently on my Creative Zen Micro here's what tops my chart!

5. Gnarls Barkley - 'Crazy'
This song grows on you. At first I didn't like it, but now I LOVE it, go figure!

4. Embrace - 'The World at Your Feet'
One of the 16 official songs for England at the World Cup. Unlike the other 15 this one is really good!

3. The Kooks - 'Naive'
Good ol' pop song with a great hook. Downloa.... eerrrrrrr I mean 'Buy' this one today!

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Dani California'
This band just gets better and better with age.

And Number one on my personal top 5...........

1. Keane - 'Is it Any Wonder?'
Keane is simply my favourite band going right now that could be considered "hip" by the kids of today. They have such a nice sound that I think many reading this blog would like them almost as much as I do. The bands has a new album coming out this week and I'm really looking forward to it! That is big praise indeed as I don't even remember the last time I looked forward to a new albums release.

Honourable mention goes to the entire radio catalog of "The Mighty Boosh" and Snow Patrol - "You're all that I have".

What are you listening to? Let us know in the comments section!

*Okay, Okay, NO ONE has emailed and asked me this....

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My weird British obsession #3

Okay we've established I have a fascination with most things British, and most recently I've gone on about Hollyoaks (More specifically cast member and British landmark Elize Du Toit). And I've also blogged about my all time favourite British show Doctor Who. Which, by the way, seems to get better with every episode, although I could do with less girly giggling and hugging with The Doctor and Rose.

Now I'm hooked on a very obscure (Well obscure to me at least) show called The Mighty Boosh! I started watching it on BBCK and thought it was just weird and didn't give it a second look. Then I saw it again and then once more and I started to laugh a little more with each viewing. Now each episode cracks me up to the point I am crying during the show! I've recently found out it was on BBC radio before it was ever on TV, and I managed to get a hold of these broadcasts and found them even funnier than the TV show! It's about two guys, Howard Moon and Vince Noir, who work in a Zoo and have a boss named Bob Fossil "WELCOME TO FOSSIL'S FUN WORLD WHERE FUN IS ALL AROUND YOU.... LIKE STINK ON POOP".... and that's really all you need to know. Check it out on BBCK at 6:30pm Sundays and 9:30pm Wednesday (All times pacific!)

The Job search continues, as I've taken the search to a much broader place now and may have to take a bit less money than I was making before as I just can't seem to catch a break. Applied for various things in the last couple of days including the Surrey Public Library (Would love that job), various fabrication shops for inside sales, and a few call centers for Help desk type stuff. I've also been told I'm 90% cleared (whatever that means) for getting EI but since I didn't work in 2005 they can only go back to June of 2004 for my record of employment and I'm wondering if that will reduce the amount of money I will receive. We will see I guess!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Elvis LIVES!

Hey, how are you? Welcome to the Blog! Bet you are visiting this Monday to see what Gregg did this weekend? Well, anyone who has visited my link section (Located in the right hand column) knows I'm a big Elvis fan because of the link to the Official BC Elvis Fanclub. Well, several of my friends dress up as Elvis and put on one hell of a show called "Ultimate Elvis". They had a gig at the White Rock Royal Canadian Legion branch #008 on Saturday and I went to wallow in the sounds of the King!

When I got there they needed an Emcee, so they asked me and I was more than happy to help out and be part of the show. It's quite funny to see how people react to the Ultimate Elvis show. Some sit, smile, and tap their feet, but some women allow themselves to get TOTALLY into it and try and get a piece of some of the Elvi on stage! It was quite funny to see some 55 year old woman slip headliner Brian Simpson the tongue when all he is trying to do is give them a quick peck!

Well on Saturday night a good time was had by all EXCEPT the 5'2" 90 year old Scottish guy who took exception to me saying Anderson was a Swedish name, and wanted to fight me. I had thought about military pressing him into the Keno machine, but instead I just patted him on the head (Benny Hill style) and sent him on his way. After all I was part of the Ultimate Elvis crew for the night!

The guys who put on the show, Sandor, Adam, Brian, (all pictured above) and Terry (Sadly not pictured above... I owe you Terry!) are all great and do this show out of love for "The King", because the money isn't really anything you can make a living on, and that makes me like the whole show even more. If you want to see where "Ultimate Elvis" is performing next click the official British Columbia Elvis Presley Fan Club link on the right.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

What a horrible, miserable day.....

The rain just won't stop... It's an unending sheet of wetness and gray. Okay, it's not that bad it's just that today I had to go out into it and do bunch of errands. To make the wetness of the day even more annoying my MP3 player, for some reason, chose to only play songs like "Candy Man" by Sammy Davis Jr. or "Sunshine Day" by The Brady Bunch.... yes I admit it I have The Brady Bunch on my Mp3 player.

My various activities took me to the unemployment office where I stood in line for a long, long, long, long, long time. It never fails while everyone is waiting in a line that snakes forever and a day around the office some moron thinks that the line isn't for him. So while myself, and seventy other saps who can't find a job, wait in line like nice people this Danny Bonaduce lookin' dude comes in (Well since it WAS the unemployment office it could have very well actually been Danny Bonaduce. Danny looks at the line, walks all the way to the front past all 70 of us, and up to a wicket that someone is already using. He waits IMPATIENTLY as the person finishes up with the Unemployment teller type person (We'll call her a teller from here on in) and then tries to get her to take his papers. "BUT I ONLY NEED TO GET THIS SIGNED" Mr. Bonaduce yells as he is thankfully sent to the back of the line. He's all upset and starts to mutter to some older East Indian gentleman who instead of sympathizing with him just says "Hey we're all here for the same thing, that's why there is a line". CLASSIC!!!!!!!

I then made it out of the EI office some hours later (Ahead of Danny Bonaduce I'd like to add) and went to get my hair cut. Well I know I was in trouble when I got to my regular place and the three guys who know how to cut my hair are busy. I could have said NO I'll wait for one of the guys I like, but I don't want to hurt the ladies feelings who is free to cut my hair so in I go.

Now I don't have much hair left, so I like to at least try to make what I have look good. WELL, I like a tapered back. Not a straight line of hair ending at my neck but something that is faded. I go through great detail to explain this to her.... I even said "FADE THE BACK IN, DON'T LEAVE A STRAIGHT LINE, YOU KNOW A TAPER?" she smiled and said "Of course". I knew I was in trouble when she spent what seemed like hours on my back..... she changed so many clippers and scissors I thought she was carving a statue out of Marble. She then proceeds to cut the rest of my hair, And not very well either. But to be honest, I'm really not concerned as there is only so much you can do wrong with my hair (Not counting the back of course). Then the moment of truth....... the mirror comes out and it's time to check out the back.

STRAIGHT AS A FREAKING ARROW!!!! You could use the back of my hair as a straight edge for drafting. I could be a level if you wanted to build a house. It was the exact opposite of what I asked for. It was as if she was from Bizzaro World, it was that opposite.

Oh well, in the end it really doesn't matter because when I get my hair cut, in my mind I think I'm going to come out looking like this.......but I always come out looking like this......
Oh, if anyone is wondering I'm still broke and unemployed... I'll keep you posted if anything changes.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Now I really don’t want to be one of those guys who rags on the film version of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ just because I want to seem smart for not liking something very popular. I’ve actually seen people who haven’t even read the thing turn their nose up at the mention of the book (Poseurs all of them). Those same people do the same thing with the movie version of ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and that kind of bugs me. But sadly, in the case of this movie, they may have something because it’s just not very good.

I’ll be honest here… It’s boring. The book was a fine little mystery with some great historical facts thrown in, but nothing spectacular by any stretch. The problem the film faces is it can’t delve too deeply with the historical stuff, for fear of making the film a pseudo-documentary. So sadly, it had to discard the most entertaining aspects of the book, and rely only on the pot boiler mystery which as I‘ve already said, is no great shakes.

Well ‘The Da Vinci code’ has just given more truth to the statement that the movie is NEVER as good as the book. BUT, this got me to thinking...... what book is not as good as the movie? It HAS happened you know! So here we go….. a list of films I thought were better than the book!

  1. The Godfather (The only one on this list where the book isn’t even CLOSE!)
  2. Jaws (The book is more pulp and Soap Opera than this Spielberg classic)
  3. Blade Runner (The book is called “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and I found it very dull … mind you I was 12 when I read it.
  4. Shawshank Redemption (Probably the only Stephen King I’d put in this category)
  5. Silence of the Lambs (Much scarier on the Big screen… I’ll never forget when I saw this in England how cousin Giles jumped like a woman four separate times!)
  6. Excalibur (The original book is 'Le Morte D'Arthur' and was published in the 1500’s. I own the damn thing but it’s about as dry as the Sahara desert in August.)

So feel free to add some that I may have missed … there are others that are supposed to be better than the books, Die Hard, Princess Bride, but I never read the printed version to have a say.

Oh yeah one other thing… I’m still looking for a Job and getting a little worried, so if you’d like, you can click here to download my resume and HIRE ME!!!!!