Wednesday, May 31, 2006


You may notice to your RIGHT (and slight scroll down), I have a counter telling us who’s who when they come to visit. Now, I must say I am in shock at the amount of people who have come here to read my rather ordinary musings. I actually have a reader in Portugal who wrote me and said hi! Now this counter just doesn’t read ‘hits’ but rather 'Visits', meaning it only counts you once a day no matter how many times you access the blog, and it doesn’t count me at all. So yesterday alone, there were 22 individual visitors to this humble ol’ Blog. I’m very happy about that, thanks everyone! By the way, anyone ever heard of Andorra before?

The Job search continues! Today I applied for a couple of Provincial Government jobs and one of them sent me for a loop because I actually had to print off a PAPER application and fill it out by hand! WOW, in this day and age of emailing resumes or online applications, that was a real shocker. Anyhow the job was for a help desk position which is kind of what I used to do at Wellons so we’ll see what happens. I keep telling myself something will happen with all these jobs I’ve applied too… something HAS to happen right? As always if any of you have any leads, tips, or even an Idea, don’t hold back….. email me today!!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My dirty, dirty,secret...

If you’ve read my blog for the last little while you’ve read my feelings about the British show Doctor Who. The good Doctor is probably the greatest export from the British Isles since corgi toys! Well there is another show I watch from Old Blighty and I’m not as proud of my devotion to it (No doubt my British readers will have a chuckle over this one) I am addicted to a British soap opera called Hollyoaks!!!!

It’s brilliant! It has it all, romance, laughs, sex, drama, high adventure, and most of all it has IZZY!!!! Yes the character of Izzy Cornwell has just been introduced and it’s made a great show even greater! My only complaint is that I thought recently I had missed some episodes, but it turns out Hollyoaks released a Video only special entitled “Hollyoaks - Indecent Behaviour” that tied up, and started a bunch more storylines. I can’t find it ANYWHERE (well at least anywhere for a free illegal download)! So if anybody across the pond has a copy… send it on over! I’ve got a Hollyoaks jones and I need my fix!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Do the walk, Do the walk of life.......

Hey Kids, which one is Gregg?

Howdy Hi, Girls and guys! Well this weekend was a busy one with the 12 hour Hour relay for Life in Langley! This year I was a member of my friend Colin Cameron's team and despite the very wet and cold weather fun was had by all! Pictures will be coming later in the week, I promise, so watch this space! The weekend raised a total of $305,000 for cancer reseach and thanks to you guys I was able to add $475.00 to that total! Thank You!

I am almost hesitant to say it, but this weekend my withdrawal from Antidepressants seems to be on the ropes. I'm beginning to feel much better and the 24 hour car sickness is more like 2 or 3 hour a day car sickness! It's actually quite weird to feel good after three weeks of feeling crummy!

Oh by the way if you are new to my blog or want to re-read an old post but don't see it, be sure to check the right hand column for a link to all my posts for this month. For some reason, that I'm trying to fix, only a certain number of my posts show up on this page. So you'll need to peruse the links on the right for all the posts.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Welcome to Kamloops town!

Well my road trip continues here in the lovely little town of Kamloops! Visiting my Brother Jim, his wife, and kids (Ben and Raili) hasn't been the best visit as I've been a little icky the last couple of days from my withdrawal from antidepressants. But today I feel very good and ready to face the world! Yesterday saw some real nasty and rainy weather hit Kamloops so Jim, Ben, and I watched the entire first season of "The Adventures of Spin and Marty" on DVD. I have to admit at first I didn't think Ben would like the show (with it being Black and White and relatively slow moving when compared to today's cartoons) But he LOVED IT! Within minutes he was cheering on the boys of the Triple "R" ranch, and asking aloud at the end of every episode what "Will happen to Spin and Marty Gregg?". Just goes to show you good TV is good TV no matter when and where it's made.

So a quiet stay in Kamloops ends tomorrow as I make my way back to the dank urban sprawl that is known as Surrey. Much to my surprise I've had many of you who follow this blog emailing me and asking when I'm coming home and such. Well I expect to in town around 10pm tomorrow (That's Wednesday to you folks without a calender) so give me a call then , or email or comment on this here Blog! Can't wait to hear from you!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Grand Forks is Hot! And I don't mean Fiona Forbes Hot either....

It's a billion degrees here and there is no doubt Summer has truly started! The last few days have involed MANY Grand Forks type activities like eating Borscht down at the Grand Forks Hotel, sitting outside and sweating while the kids play in the water, and taking a stroll down Market Ave. I went Downtown with my Dad and since it was sooo nice we parked and walked everywhere we needed to go. My Dad is the freaking King of Kensington! Seriously, when he "walks down the street.." everyone pops their head out of their stores and yells "Hi Andy!", Dad waves, smiles, and then keeps on walking along.

I then got to spend the Afternoon with the McGraws. Brian McGraw is a man I've known since 1990 and is something of a Hockey legend in this town. I sat and Drank Pepsi while I got all the inside scoops on all the girls that I think are good looking in GF and who still live here (Brian and his wife Jessie are the first people I go to to see if someone is worth my time or not!). I also found out that Brian and Jessie's 4 year old Kayden favourite TV shows are as follows.. Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, and How it's Made. Quite the line up for a little kid!

It's not been all fun and games here however as my niece Chloe came over and showed me her treasured NeoPet, "doglover_985" (Neopets are online "Pets" you take care of, feed, and love). She had created a lovley blue pet that her and her little brother Sam thought was the best! Well after they left I went on the neopet website to see how her neopet was doing and through some wrong clicks I accidently fed her Neopet some food and turned it into some sort of horrible monster (pictured here). If Chloe asks, I will just blame it on some sort of horrible computer virus going around.

Heading to Kamloops tomorrow... I'll update you there!

Monday, May 15, 2006

"The Slag Piles are coming in Sight......"

WOW! My blog is only one week old and I'm already taking it on the road! Here I am in lovely Grand Forks where it's bright, beautiful and 28 degrees celsius YIKES!!! What am I doing inside on a day like this typing on a computer you ask? Well I'm still a bit under the weather due to withdrawal from antidepressants (It's almost gone thank you for asking), and I'm still sleepy as I took the red eye from Coquitlam to GF last night getting in sometime around 3 this morning!

After a few hours sleep I was up and out the door for a dental appointment, where I'm happy to report after avoiding the dentist chair for over seven years my teeth are in perfect biting order with no cavities to be seen! Tonight, I am being taken to the pinnacle of sophisticated dining, it's called 'Clydes' (No Manson it has nothing to do with Clint Eastwoods Orangutan). I'm going to have a big ol' burger with Mom, Dad, Auntie Glo and Uncle Tom, to celebrate the Ortis' wedding anniversary! Much more interesting updates to come while the Blog remains on the road until next week when the big show winds up in Kamloops! Please try to remain calm...

Friday, May 12, 2006

About as serious as this Blog gets.....

On May 26th I will be participating in a 12 hour "Relay for Cancer" in Langley. My good friend Colin Cameron started this last year in honour of his late father Stu Cameron who passed away fighting this horrible disease. It's a great time where a bunch of us stay up late and walk for 12 hours and eat junk food! There is a survivors lap where anyone who survived cancer joins in to start the relay, and a candle light lap to remember friends and family we've lost (It's hard not to tear up while walking in the dark and seeing all the names and candles let me tell you.) I'm walking to honour all the people in my family who have fought, and thankfully, beat cancer. If you'd like to donate to my 12 hour relay you can click here to help stop Cancer with this very safe online transaction! Thanks!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Where have all my DVD's gone... Long time passing

I own a lot of DVD's... almost too many (last count I had over 300). Since I haven't been feeling too well the last week, due to my bodies withdrawal from no longer taking antidepressants (which is by the way getting better everyday) I decided I was going to veg out and watch the ENTIRE
Star Wars saga
to pass the time. Problem is they aren't here!!! I've lent them to somebody, and CAN'T remember who!!!! Do you have them??? I'm trying hard to remember who borrowed them, but I'm stumped. Of course this is coming from the guy who can't score higher than 6 on the Simon game posted in yesterdays blog!!

Anyhow I'm still a sucker for spreading the word of the DVD so take a look at my DVD list here and let me know what you'd like to borrow!

While I'm here I'd like to thank all the people who have emailed me about the blog and/or left comments... It's a good feeling to wake up to emails don't you think?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Anyone going to Grand Forks?

Since my employment at Wellons Canada is ending officialy next month, I am on my way to Grand Forks to visit my Mom's dental office (She works there) and get the ol' chompers back in order for free while I am still covered by medical!!!!

So are you are going there before this Sunday? TAKE ME TAKE ME TAKE ME!!! Let me know and the whole trip I will entertain you with stories about me drinking WAY too much Super Socco and having an allegric reaction that made me look like Rocky Balboa after 15 rounds with Apollo Creed!

("Jim I drank too much Super Socco!")

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Looking for Jobs in all the wrong places....

I need a Job!

Yes I need a job but not any old Job like Joe Buck from "Midnight Cowboy" would take.

I've got a few good leads on some things so I'll keep my fingers crossed. One is a warehouse Job that deals with Games and Comics and things, and the other is a Job like I used to do at Wellons Canada.

Something tells me the warehouse job, filled with toys that I would enjoy, pays very little, while the job dealing with something I could care less about will pay much more!!! Ain't that the way?? I've also applied for several jobs with the federal and provincial governments, and civilian jobs with RCMP that I hope to hear from.. but every day with no reponse makes me think I'll never hear from them!!!

So to all my little bloggers out there be sure to say your prayers and eat your vitamins, as well as keep an ear out for any jobs for lil' old Gregg! And hey, while you're at it keep an eye out for Fiona Forbes and ask her if she wants to go on a date with me sometime!

Doctor Who and me....

Since the CBC in it's infinite wisdom has chosen NOT to show season two of Doctor Who this year, I've taken it upon myself to download all of the episodes from the web.

And must I say I'm very glad I have!! The new Doctor David Tennant is no Christopher Eccelstone (Last years Doctor), but he's growing into the role. He's a bit like my fave Doctor #5 (as played by Peter Davison pictured on the left) but also a bit quirky like Doctor #2 Patrick Troughton! By far the best episode this year was "School Reunion" that featured the return of K-9!!!!

YAAAYYY!!! Okay I will stop now as my Blog is losing readers the longer this goes on~~~~~

OH yeah....... Bille Piper is Damn hot!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

I mean why not????

Everyone else has a Blog why not me???? I am sooo going to try and post something (no matter how mundane) everyday.

I've stopped taking antidepressants and I am SICK! Yes it's an actual withdrawal and it feels like the flu. How long can this last? It's been going on a week and I'm hoping I'm heading towards the finish line VERY soon!

Good thing is no sadness nor any type of depression has reared it's ugly head since I've been weaned off the drugs. I doubt it will return either, due to the help and support I've received from all of you guys... now, cue some lame song like "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree