Thursday, September 28, 2006

I know I'm not the best dressed guy.... but HOMELESS???

Hidey Ho! What to tell you this week kids, ummm I know! After three weigh-ins at Weight Watchers I've lost 8.2 pounds! It might have been more but the last meeting was done two days earlier, so my weelky loss total wasn't as high as it's been in previous weeks! So, Yay for me!

I went to the Gym tonight. When it's nice out, I usually just wear my 'gym strip' (Does anyone actually call it 'Gym strip' anymore?) and walk to 'Fitness World' from 'The ol' Love Shack' (Does anyone actually call my apartment 'The ol' Love Shack' anymore?). Anywhooo, I'm walking down 105th Avenue searching through my bag for my Mp3 Player and maybe, I was swaying back and forth a little while trying to rummage through the bag and I'm stopped by a man in a suit. He hands me a piece of paper and asks me to come to his church for Thanksgiving IF I NEED SOMEPLACE TO GO FOR A WARM MEAL AND A PLACE TO GET OFF THE STREET!!!!!!!! So I said the only thing I could ........"Fuck you" and continued on to the Gym.

Billy Bragg concert this Friday and I am VERY excited about going!! Billy Bragg, as I mentioned last week in the bloggity blog, is a fantastic musician and damn funny, his talk is almost as good as the music! As you also know, I'm going with Mike Ciccone, and eagle eyed fans of CTV's "The View" may have seen Mike make an appearance on the in-between-show community announcements playing a lost hiker! Bravo Mike, you played the part of a slow, confused, half-wit with a believability that was uncanny.

Oh before I go, make sure you guys watch The Office tomorrow at 8:30pm. I swear this is the best Sit-com on TV since Seinfeld! It's one of those rare shows that is actually better than the British show that spawned it!

Okay, okay I didn't tell the church guy to Fuck off.... but I sure wanted to!

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Who or Billy Bragg....

I've got two of my all time fave music acts coming to town in the next few weeks, Billy Bragg and The Who. Now normally if I was employed going to see both might be an option, but in these cash strapped times it was even doubtfull I'd get to take in even one of the shows. Well, despite my financial hardships I really wanted to go to these concerts, so a few weeks ago I went to ticketmaster and typed in Billy Bragg... sure enough tickets just went on sale for the show (Which is happening at the beautiful Commodore Ballroom). And get this, they were only 30 bucks each!! Wow, this might be do-able I thought to myself, so let's just see if I can get some cheap seats for the same price for The Who in October at GM place.

*Clackity clackity clack* goes my keyboard as I look for tickets to what was once the loudest Rock 'n Roll Band alive (And for my money the best live Rock band EVER!). The results came upon my screen and my Jaw Dropped........... $202.00 per ticket to see what was still left alive of The Who!!!! $202.00??? $202.00 FREAKING DOLLARS???? Hold on this must be some super up-close seat that allows you to hang with the band after the show, and also lets Roger Daltrey make out with your date.

"My god I can't do that ...Lets check what the cheap seats are going for!"

*Clackity clackity clack*

"$87.00?!?!?!?? $87.00 for nose bleeds?"

I felt ill. Now going into this ticket buying mission, I had seen The Who twice before and was not going to be denied a third viewing, that is until the figures of 202 and 87 bucks filled my eyes. Sorry, but unless The Beatles and Elvis were the opening act I wasn't shelling out that kind of cash. Suddenly going to see "The Bard of Barking" Billy Bragg at 30 bucks seemed like a free show! I quickly bought a ticket for myself and my good friend Mike Ciccone to see Billy and then sat back to try and figure out how ANY Band can charge $202.00 for a Stadium show.

I could see MAYBE paying that if I got to see The Who in a small club or cafe where I could request songs. Much like when I got to see the Barenaked Ladies do a private concert for me and 30 other people some 10 years ago. Now that was a show!!! I took a girl I sold shoes with at the time named Jeanette Coomber.... *Sigh* Whatever happend to Jeanette Coomber?? Man, did I have the hots for that girl! Anyhow I digress...

I've seen Billy Bragg twice now (The Picture of Billy above is from the last show I saw him at where I was front row Center!) and this show will make number three. The guy puts on a fantastic concert and even if you don't like his music, his in between song stories and rants are worth hearing as they are funny, extremely well thought out, and smart. Can't wait to go see him on Sept. 29 at the Commodore with Mike (Although Mike don't look HALF as good as Jeanette Coomber did!) It'll be like an early Birthday present for myself (I turn thirty-freaking-five on Oct. 21 ...can you believe that?)

I'm sure most of you have heard of "The Who" but if you haven't heard of Billy click on the many Billy links scattered throught this post and if you'd like to hear one of his songs click here! Let me know if you like it and want to come along to the show with me next Friday!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well I said to myself.....

...I would take one month off to let the creative juices flow again and I did and boy are they Flowing!!!!!! What to tell you? I appreciate all the emails asking me where the hell is the next post on the blog! I was actually shocked at how many emails I got wondering where I was!

Well I didn't go far and I didn't do much, well thats not totally true. I was away for a few weeks of R&R in Kamloops visiting my Brother Jim, Tanja, and Ben and Raili ( "I WUUUUV GREGG!"), and then of course I took a couple weeks out at the folks place in Grand Forks where I got to see brother Sean, April, Sam, Chloe, and of course the entire McGraw clan.

Now back here on the lovely coast I have been REALLY trying to get a freaking job! I've applied to a ton more jobs and as always if you hear of ANYTHING whether you'd think I'd like it or not I want you to email me about it!

I did do one thing that may raise your eyebrows... I joined Weight Watchers! Yes, I had to do something., After gaining soo much weight while on medication I quickly lost 20 pounds when I stopped the pills, but that rapid loss has stopped and I feel I have sooo much more to go. So, with my best friend Roy Barisoff's wife Brigitte along with me(She's the one who got me to go!), I went to my first meeting of Weight Watchers!! And you know what.... it was great! First off I was in a room of many single, good looking women and secondly everyone was really nice! It's an interesting eating plan and it's simple enough for even me to follow! I'll keep you posted on what happens....

In the meantime I apologise for taking such a long break and I will be back at least once (But hopefully twice) a week telling you everything you never really wanted to know about me. If I haven't heard from you in a while or if you haven't heard from me, It's just been a very busy month and I am hoping you take the time to email me as I really want to hear from you.

Oh yeah before I go here is a little skit from the hilarious show "Little Britain" that I couldn't get out of my head while attending my first Weight Watchers meeting. ENJOY!