Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow......"

You know for my money the all time best version of the song "Let it Snow" was by Mister Ed Ames. There is no doubt, that when Ed was singing 'Let it Snow' he was talking about a day like today. NEVER, have I seen as much snow fall as I have in the last two days. And for the lower mainland that is CRAZY! The city is in a panic, and I have no idea if I'll be able to make it to work tomorrow. Oh well, all I can do is go to the bus stop and see if the Bus shows up or not.... this weather is certainly out of my hands.

Speaking of work, many of you have been asking how my first week at work went...well it went. It's a lot to learn, and quite frankly a little overwhelming. I'm a little stressed out about the whole thing still, but I'm hoping as I continue to learn more about the software program that I am supposed to help people with, that the stress will lessen and let me enjoy my evenings a bit more.

I've now lost 30 pounds thanks to weight watchers! That's 30 pounds in 11 weeks for those counting at home. I feel very much lighter on my feet and I look forward to losing at least another 20. I would also like to take this time to thank all of you who have been supportive of my weight loss journey... you've all been a great help and I owe you all very much.

Oh before I end this little update, I need to share that the Gonzaga Bulldogs started off their 2006-07 season by beating #2 ranked North Carolina Tar Heels. That made me VERY happy!

Now since I started off with Ed Ames, why don't I end with Ed Ames......enjoy!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Well there is much to talk about.....

.....but little time to do it in! It's been a whirlwind week in my little world! First off the big news.... I got a job! Yes I got a real job, with a livable wage and a possibility of it being interesting work! It's a software company that makes billing and clinical software for medical clinics. I would be the guy who will help the hospital employees out on the phone if the have a problem with the program. It's an office job Monday to Friday so that's good, and it's in Surrey. But, it's a little far away and is going to be a bit of a bitch to get to on the bus. So if anyone has a car they want to give me... please give me a call or email me!!! Hey can't blame for trying can you?

I'm very scared to tell you the truth, as I haven't worked in a long time but deep down inside I know it will work out just fine. I start on Monday at 8:30 am sharp. However due to the crappy bus system I think the closest to that time I can get there is 7:30am.... c'est la vie.

Last night I was the emcee of a big Elvis concert in West Vancouver called "Ultimate Elvis - An Evening of Champions". The crowd wasn't huge (Yet it wasn't small) but it was enough to break even and make some money for the Food Bank and it was a great show! Some Great Elvis singers were there, and It was fun doing theater type stuff again even if it was just being an emcee. I also met some great people last night... a very rewarding experience all around.

So that's just a quick news flash for now. Again, I'm pretty excited yet nervous as hell all at the same time about the new job but as I said earlier I'm sure it will be just fine. As always please don't be a stranger email me or call today! Oh yeah speaking of calling, I finally entered the 21st century and got a Cell phone. Hooray for me! I feel almost like a 'with it' kind of cat now, what with having a job and a Cell phone! So now you have to write me to get my new cell phone number!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Taking a break for Remembrance Day

Hey there! I just wanted to poke my head in and say that my top 10 actors list will be coming next week as I've decided to take off for a few days to Kamloops to visit family and friends! In the meantime you'll notice I've changed a few of the links over on the right side of the blog and I've added a really cool widget that shows you what I thought of the last few movies I've seen!

It's also Remembrance Day and I urge ALL of you to take the time on the 11th and go to you local services where ever they may be and remember those who fought to preserve the rights FAR too many of us take for granted. Don't say you are too busy, or have better things to do, just go. It's the very least you can do for those brave men and women.

So check out the new links, especially the one to my page. I have to wonder if I am the only person who visits the blog who has a myspace page, the most popular thing going on the internet today!! If you do add me as a friend make sure to leave a comment or two on it as well...

I'll be back soon with more top 10 lists and more musings about my so called life (Hey, 'My so called life' that would be a great name for a TV show!)... In the meantime here is a VERY funny video from the boys of 'The Mighty Boosh' called 'Sweet', enjoy!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sorry for the delay....

I haven't posted in over a bad. And weirdly enough, there are some people who take the time to email me and let me know I haven't posted!!! So here I go, bound and determined to not make this post about whining that I have no Job or this and that. Instead, I'm going to make some lists... yes you read right lists with an 'S'. I am going to list in the next few days my top ten favourite Movies, Actors, TV shows, Music acts, and maybe, Video Games ever played. But the best part is each listing will be accompanied by my expert commentary on why each deserves a place in my all time top 10.

Now keep in mind these are my Personal top 10 lists so no complaining please! Well, okay that’s not true I welcome your complaints and suggestions by emailing me and posting comments here on the bloggity blog (Which by the way, you don't have to register for, as you CAn post anonymously. But just remember to sign your name with your comment so I know who you are. Never did figure out who my Internet stalker was.....You still around Internet Stalker? )

So today let's start off with a Juicy one.... All time top favorite Music acts!

10. The Housemartins: Who? I hear many of you ask? Well this British Band hit it big in North America with a song called ‘Happy Hour’ but quickly faded away from notice here. I only really learned to love these boys when I discovered a few of their albums in a Radio Station I was working at in the early 90’s. Then I bought their compilation ‘Now That’s what I call Quite Good' and it is a must for all music fans.

9. Alanis Morissette: Shocked to see Ol’ Alanis on the list? Well so would I, if I saw this list 15 years ago. But since then, Ms. Morissette has become one THE female singer/songwriter from Canada, if not the world. She really got started with the HUGE ‘Jagged Little Pill’ but I think really hit her stride with the less angsty ‘Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie’. My favourite songs of hers are many from ‘Unsent’ to ‘Ironic’. Plus I think she’s GOURGEOUS!*

8. Paul McCartney: Depite his recent divorce problems, The Cute Beatle is still one of the greatest names in Music history. Macca (As the British Press call him…why can’t the British Press have a cool nickname for me?) is, in my opinion, the best solo Beatle, putting out Classic albums like ‘Band on the Run’, ‘Flowers in the Dirt’, and ‘McCartney’.

7. Bryan Adams (1980-1987): While that may read like Bryan died when he was 7 years old it is representative of when his music career me at least. Now, I don’t hate Bryan's new stuff (Some of it is great) But for me it’s this seven year period that I can listen to over and over again without tiring. Any album from this period is a gem, but I tend to grab ‘Cut’s Like a Knife’ more than the others. He is however, still an amazing act to see live.

6. Chris Isaak: Yet another person I love to see live in concert. First time I saw Chris on TV was on 'Late Night with David Letterman' singing Blue Hotel. I knew this cat was different yet very reminiscent of an old 50’s rock ’n roll heatthrob. So many Albums to choose from Old Chris but his best is ‘San Francisco Days’.

5. The Ramones: I owe my Brother Sean on this one as he was a HUGE Ramones fan, and that made me one too. They started Punk Rock yet kept their musical sensibilities the whole time and made great sounding songs that I believe can be enjoyed by young and old alike despite their label of Punk Rock! Go right to any of the bands albums released from 1976 to 1986 for a great listen.

4. R.E.M.: This was one of the bands I discovered in my High School days and still love as much now as I did then. This was also a band that turned me on to the fact I didn’t have to listen to what my high School contemporaries were listening to (Skid Row, Poison, Motley Crue, and any other shitty hair band you an think of). They opened the doors for me to a lot of bands I now love (The Cure, The Smiths, New Order, Pulp, The Replacements and the list goes on and on….) 'Document' and 'Green' are my faves of this great band!

3. Billy Bragg: The bard from Barking describes himself as somewhere between William Blake and Stuart Pearce (Although I really don't know who Stuart Pearce is...Anyone?). I came to learn about Billy while in England back in 1991 with what I STILL think is his best Album 'Don't Try this at Home'. I've seen him three times live and he never fails to disappoint.

2. The Who: Faithful readers of my blog KNOW that I am pretty mad at The Who as of late BUT that doesn’t take away from the fact these guys are one of the greatest Rock N’ Roll bands of all time. They have had members die, and even fired one, but they continue to sound good today and still make new and relevant music that I still enjoy. Roger Daltrey is the best Hard Rock Singer of all time, John Entwhislte was the greatest Bassist, Keith Moon the craziest Drummer, And Pete Townsend the most Dynamic Guitarist I’ve ever seen. Albums of note are ‘The Who Sings My Generation’, ‘Tommy’, ‘Who’s Next’, ‘Quadrophenia’, and ‘Face Dances’ (YES, I love Face Dances!)

1. The Beatles: Come on do I really need to tell you about these guys? They are the best, hands down. They could do it all and better then anyone. I love all of their albums but the best one John, Paul, George, and Ringo ever made was….. ‘Revolver’ but 'Abbey Road' is right up there, but so is ‘Beatles for Sale’ and what about…..

Bands who just missed the cut…. Ben Folds, Lionel Ritchie, The Kinks, Green Day, Weezer, Barenaked Ladies, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, and a host of others.
Remember to comment here or email me to share your top 10 lists….

Coming up next, top 10 Actors ever!