Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My weird British obsession #3

Okay we've established I have a fascination with most things British, and most recently I've gone on about Hollyoaks (More specifically cast member and British landmark Elize Du Toit). And I've also blogged about my all time favourite British show Doctor Who. Which, by the way, seems to get better with every episode, although I could do with less girly giggling and hugging with The Doctor and Rose.

Now I'm hooked on a very obscure (Well obscure to me at least) show called The Mighty Boosh! I started watching it on BBCK and thought it was just weird and didn't give it a second look. Then I saw it again and then once more and I started to laugh a little more with each viewing. Now each episode cracks me up to the point I am crying during the show! I've recently found out it was on BBC radio before it was ever on TV, and I managed to get a hold of these broadcasts and found them even funnier than the TV show! It's about two guys, Howard Moon and Vince Noir, who work in a Zoo and have a boss named Bob Fossil "WELCOME TO FOSSIL'S FUN WORLD WHERE FUN IS ALL AROUND YOU.... LIKE STINK ON POOP".... and that's really all you need to know. Check it out on BBCK at 6:30pm Sundays and 9:30pm Wednesday (All times pacific!)

The Job search continues, as I've taken the search to a much broader place now and may have to take a bit less money than I was making before as I just can't seem to catch a break. Applied for various things in the last couple of days including the Surrey Public Library (Would love that job), various fabrication shops for inside sales, and a few call centers for Help desk type stuff. I've also been told I'm 90% cleared (whatever that means) for getting EI but since I didn't work in 2005 they can only go back to June of 2004 for my record of employment and I'm wondering if that will reduce the amount of money I will receive. We will see I guess!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gregg,

Love the blog. It is very funny. Hope to see you this summer when I come home.

Jeanie xx

Gregg Anderson said...


Can't wait to see you! Email me when you are coming home and all that good stuff so we can either meet here on the coast or I can get my but back to Grand Forks and see you there!

Anonymous said...

HOLD ON!! You didn't work in 2005? OMG I'm gonna have to call you each day like I once did until you feel so guilty you'll take any old job. Seriously though...I know you don't want to work construction as a labourer but have you tried these huge construction companies applying for work as a purchaser or as an office clerk?


Gregg Anderson said...

Oh yeah.... tried and trying for those types of jobs. I'm running into a lot of "We aren't making a decision just yet" type answers. I was starting to feel like Dustin Hoffman going into that office on Christmas Eve and demanding a Job. But as of today I've been approved for EI so I can relax a little and not have to work at Wendy's.