Thursday, June 21, 2007

Elvis comes to the Okanagan....

... And I go to Elvis! Yes faithful blog readers I'm off tomorrow AM to take part in something I've been 'hounded' to go to since 2003!!! My good friend, and 'Elvis Tribute Artist' (ETA's for short), Sandor is taking part in the Penticton Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival and I'm going to hang out with him! I'm also going to meet a few old friends and other ETA's I befriended while living in Vancouver and serving on the board of the Official BC Elvis Fan Club!

These guys go to the festival, that is actually a competition, every year and they take it VERY seriously. I hope they all do well... So good luck goes out to Sandor, Brian, Terry, Adam, and of course Elvis Paul!!!! I will see you guys Friday night. Of course I don't need to tell you that women can't resist a guy in an Elvis suit, I just hope I can keep up.

Lots of fun should be had by all drinking, singing, and just catching up. I will try and update my blog with all sorts of pics and news from the weekend... WATCH THIS SPACE!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Sandor has the best Elvis stage name... "RETURN TO SANDOR" I love it!

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