Thursday, February 21, 2013

How do I even do this anymore?

A long time ago I was a "Blogger".  Then I stopped. I told myself I would just take a break buuut it's been too long. I essentially gave it up. Now due to some good friends bugging me and some positive comments on some of my old posts I'm gonna give it another go.  I'm not 100% how to even post stuff here anymore!!!  But why have I been away you ask? No real firm answer here. I seem to lack any spark or inspiration that I once had, and maybe Twitter and Facebook received the little creative output I could muster, or maybe I was just lazy.  All of these things are probably true and I'm going to try and make it right by posting here at least once a month. Frankly, for me, that is a realistic goal.  Will I do it? I hope so.  I find living in a small town it's a bit harder to be as personal as I used to be on here, and getting my personal crap out was a lot of the reason I had the blog in the first place. Doesn't mean I won't talk about my personal life, but I will have to be a bit more careful on what I write about. I may talk about comics more, I may have more movie reviews, I dunno.  But right now, I just want to learn the ropes and see if I can actually write more than 150 characters at a time anymore.  Stick around, I will try not to disappoint!!!!

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