Thursday, September 28, 2006

I know I'm not the best dressed guy.... but HOMELESS???

Hidey Ho! What to tell you this week kids, ummm I know! After three weigh-ins at Weight Watchers I've lost 8.2 pounds! It might have been more but the last meeting was done two days earlier, so my weelky loss total wasn't as high as it's been in previous weeks! So, Yay for me!

I went to the Gym tonight. When it's nice out, I usually just wear my 'gym strip' (Does anyone actually call it 'Gym strip' anymore?) and walk to 'Fitness World' from 'The ol' Love Shack' (Does anyone actually call my apartment 'The ol' Love Shack' anymore?). Anywhooo, I'm walking down 105th Avenue searching through my bag for my Mp3 Player and maybe, I was swaying back and forth a little while trying to rummage through the bag and I'm stopped by a man in a suit. He hands me a piece of paper and asks me to come to his church for Thanksgiving IF I NEED SOMEPLACE TO GO FOR A WARM MEAL AND A PLACE TO GET OFF THE STREET!!!!!!!! So I said the only thing I could ........"Fuck you" and continued on to the Gym.

Billy Bragg concert this Friday and I am VERY excited about going!! Billy Bragg, as I mentioned last week in the bloggity blog, is a fantastic musician and damn funny, his talk is almost as good as the music! As you also know, I'm going with Mike Ciccone, and eagle eyed fans of CTV's "The View" may have seen Mike make an appearance on the in-between-show community announcements playing a lost hiker! Bravo Mike, you played the part of a slow, confused, half-wit with a believability that was uncanny.

Oh before I go, make sure you guys watch The Office tomorrow at 8:30pm. I swear this is the best Sit-com on TV since Seinfeld! It's one of those rare shows that is actually better than the British show that spawned it!

Okay, okay I didn't tell the church guy to Fuck off.... but I sure wanted to!


Anonymous said...

You are wrong on two counts...
Your apartment was never called the ol' love shack - unless you count the visits from Mike C.

and IMHO the US Office is a watered down version of the the most painful British comedies ever - and I mean that in a good way. The US version is for mainstream TV; the British show was satire at its best - anyone who has ever worked in an office in the UK will agree.

Gregg Anderson said...

If Watered down means Funnier ...I agree!

Anonymous said...

Reading your description of the guy asking you if you wanted a warm meal reminded me of a Seinfeld episode. It is the one where Kramer was wearing the shoes to make you jump higher and was just coming from the dentist and his mouth was still frozen. Mel Torme sees him and is all impressed that he lives on his own, kinda like everyone is impressed how you have done it for so long.

Watered down doesn't mean funnier it means more wet. Not sure how a tv show can be more wet, but I guess it has something to do with Clive's british sense of humour.

- Roy

Anonymous said...

For the first season of the US office I refused to watch it out of spite but now I love it, and after ceasing copying the script word for word (I am referencing episode 1 or 2 when Dawn - I mean Pam is "pretend fired" for stealing) it has really developed into a truly awesome show.
Those of you other Ricky Gervais fans out there should check out "Extras" - awesome.

Mike said...

Boy, see if I ever invite you over to my house for Thanksgiving . . . sheesh!

Jim said...

Sorry Clive, gotta side with the Colonists on this one. LOVE the US Office. Nothing wrong with the English one at all - it's just not as funny.