Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me... Well tomorrow anyhow.

As of Saturday October 21st I turn one year older. It's really no big deal as I've only freaked out once about my advancing age and that was when I turned 32. Now tomorrow I'll be 35, but I don't feel to much like celebrating instead I'll just put my energy into making this next year a better one then the last two. I did however, get the best gift already from my Mom and Dad .... "The Deluxe Book of SuDoku #2"! I kid you not, I've spent the last few days (Their gift package arrived Wednesday and was filled with other cool stuff too) doing puzzle after puzzle, I think I'm addicted! If you haven't played SuDoku before, check out your local paper and give it a shot! I'm not going to explain it here but a good teacher is cousin Giles in Farndon UK as he is the one who initially showed me how to do it!

So as you can tell the internet is back up and working! I stuck it to 3web and got Shaw to put me on their service behind 3webs back! Let's just say 3web wasn't going to let me disengage their service until the end of the month ....well I showed them!

Saw a GREAT movie last week... The Departed. Why can't they make more movies like this one? All-star cast (Matt Damon, Leonardo DeCaprio, Mark Whalberg, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, and Jack Nicholson) First rate Director (Martin Scorsese), and you have a film I don't mind spending 13 bucks to see. This is a film meant for the widescreen of a theater... simply fantastic. Go see it today if you can. It's Violent but not overdone or gory. It's easily the second best film I've seen all year. Next up I want to see is The Prestige which has a similar all-star cast!

So that's about it around these parts.... Internet is back up, Job Search continues, and I am still going to weight watchers and have lost 16 pounds so far in six weeks! Yeah for me! Until then as always feel free to email me or leave a comment and say hi! Also if you've got the time feel free to drop by my page by clicking here, and add me as a friend if you happen to have a space there as well!


Anonymous said...

nothing else of note happen recently? Haven't hung out with any REALLY cool friends and got overly bloated on pizza and watched endless Twilight Zone episodes...
I love you Gregg, Happy Birthday

Chris said...

You didn't even pay $13.00 to go see "The Departed" so it must be a bonus! I'm looking forward to "The Prestige."

Happy Birthday you big lug.

Anonymous said...

I also thought the Departed was a great movie. Though, the violence at the end was a little overdone. What happened to the days when someone got shot in the head, you saw the gun, the head, cut back to the gun and then a close up on the victims face, back to the gun and bang - no spray of red paint coming out of the actor's head, just left it to your imagination. The language was choice as well - though not overdone considering the kind of people the movie was dealing with.
Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

I didn't like "the Departed" as much as I had hoped to. I made a mistake and read something on IMDB and some total dick didn't say *SPOILERS* and I found out about the end unintentionally. I would have liked the movie more if Marty "tightened his belt" some and cut 20 minutes out. Give me "Goodfellas" anyday!

Happy belated birthday skinnyman!!