Friday, October 13, 2006

Still without Internet, still without a Job

Well here I sit in the Surrey Public Library by a guy who is more interested in what is on my screen then what is on his, and another guy who smells like he started his morning with a bottle of Wild Turkey. I love Surrey!

The job interview yesterday with JP morgan was a bust. I did well and may very well be offered the thing, but they didn't pay very much above minimum wage. And when I told them what I thought was a reasonable starting wage the guy looked at me like I was from Mars, and simply said 'We don't pay that much'. And trust me when I say what I asked for was not a lot, and barely enough to live on.

My internet is down for day number 5. My adventures with the 3web (My internet provider)support team have been talked about on here before (I'd link you to that post, but the Library internet doesn't allow for opening multiple pages and in short I can't do anything too fancy with my posts) and let me tell you they haven't improved. Needless to say I tried to cancel my service to sign back up with Shaw but 3web refused to release my modem until the end of the month (No released modem means no siging up with shaw until 3web releases the modem from their system). I thought about Telus but visiting their website shows me that I can't get ADSL where I live. So hopefully the internet is back up soon as I can't look for work at home without it, and the internet here (As I found out today) won't let me use a floppy or a CD to access my Resume and send it to people who want to hire me.

As always I love to hear from you email me today, especially if I haven't heard from you in a while! I may not respond right away (No Internet obviously) but when I check my email here at the library tomorrow I'll have something to read and write back too!

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Anonymous said...

he's alive....he's alive again!!!!!!

- your buddy