Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm going to Issaquah!

As faithful readers of my Blog know I get to go on a little trip tomorrow! My brother Jim and his family (Tanja, Ben, and Raili) are picking me up at lunchtime to head down to Issaquah, Washington to enjoy a Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine! Ben doesn't know about Thomas yet, as he may just get a wee bit too excited so everyone has decided to hold off and wait until the big day to tell him!

So since Ben asked me to come along I've got to go pack and get ready for a couple days of fun! Benny is a funny kid who's passion in life is Thomas the Tank Engine and the Thunderbirds (Here he is dressed up as Virgil captain of Thunderbird #2 although I'm not sure who the big goofy lookin' guy is beside him!!)

Oh and in case you missed it at my brother Sean's blog, my other Nephew Sam has also taken to dressing up like some (Pictured left) famous literary character, but god knows who he's supposed to be! Okay, Okay I'm joking I know exactly who Sam is.... He's dressed up as Atticus Finch from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

Been going to the Gym for the last few weeks regularly. OH MY GOD AM I SORE! As I type this I am so thirsty but my legs are so sore I don't want to get up to drink the last Orangina in the fridge! Ahhhh yes Orangina, the best darn drink known to man! Screw it, I'm ending this and gonna drink some Orangina!


Kirsten said...

Saw an Orangina ad yesterday and thought of you. Mentioned it to my friend and told her that you loved the stuff.

Gregg Anderson said...

I do love it! It's just a shame here in Canada that it's sooo expensive!

Anonymous said...

You may need permission to cross into the USA, I'd suggst you get a written and signed note from your mommy and daddy. I don't think an expired driver's license and "bazooka joe" joke wrappers work anymore


Anonymous said...

If that's Atticus Finch, then the goofy guy above must be Boo Radley!