Monday, June 12, 2006

Elvis LIVES!

Hey, how are you? Welcome to the Blog! Bet you are visiting this Monday to see what Gregg did this weekend? Well, anyone who has visited my link section (Located in the right hand column) knows I'm a big Elvis fan because of the link to the Official BC Elvis Fanclub. Well, several of my friends dress up as Elvis and put on one hell of a show called "Ultimate Elvis". They had a gig at the White Rock Royal Canadian Legion branch #008 on Saturday and I went to wallow in the sounds of the King!

When I got there they needed an Emcee, so they asked me and I was more than happy to help out and be part of the show. It's quite funny to see how people react to the Ultimate Elvis show. Some sit, smile, and tap their feet, but some women allow themselves to get TOTALLY into it and try and get a piece of some of the Elvi on stage! It was quite funny to see some 55 year old woman slip headliner Brian Simpson the tongue when all he is trying to do is give them a quick peck!

Well on Saturday night a good time was had by all EXCEPT the 5'2" 90 year old Scottish guy who took exception to me saying Anderson was a Swedish name, and wanted to fight me. I had thought about military pressing him into the Keno machine, but instead I just patted him on the head (Benny Hill style) and sent him on his way. After all I was part of the Ultimate Elvis crew for the night!

The guys who put on the show, Sandor, Adam, Brian, (all pictured above) and Terry (Sadly not pictured above... I owe you Terry!) are all great and do this show out of love for "The King", because the money isn't really anything you can make a living on, and that makes me like the whole show even more. If you want to see where "Ultimate Elvis" is performing next click the official British Columbia Elvis Presley Fan Club link on the right.


Anonymous said...

gregg - you were great as the announcer, thanks for coming out! It was a good night, although our Keno
numbers didn't happen. You are always welcome in our Elvis undertakings!
If you check out the fan club website, you'll see we've added another big-name ETA to our list.
Too bad you can't make penticton, though.
Catch ya later
- s

Gregg Anderson said...

Would love to go to Penticton Sandor.... but I just can't. Well you've read my Blog you know why! =)

Loved the Show! Fave song you did was "Don't Cry Daddy"!

Hey Sandor when I start having an income we'll hit the next Comic Convention on Main Street!