Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman has certainly RETURNED!!!!

I was front and center Wednesday afternoon to see 'Superman Returns', the sequel to one of my all time favourite films, 'Superman' staring Christopher Reeve. Let me tell you folks, he certainly has 'returned'!

I remember the first time I saw Superman, it was 1978 at the Gem Theater in Grand Forks, BC. The place was packed, in fact, there were people sitting in the center aisle on the floor! The only other time this happened was when 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' came to town one year later. Now, I had loved Superman in Action Comics well before this film came out, and was wondering how they would make it happen on the big screen with real people! Well, as we all know they made it happen, and Christopher Reeve was probably the greatest Superman we will ever know.

But sitting in the theater Wednesday afternoon I again had the same thoughts, "How are they going to pull this one off?". I was worried about all these things I had seen in the papers, and on the internet. Lois Lane has a Kid? Why is Superman's 'S' shield so small? They are going to directly link this to the 1978 Superman? All of these things caused doubts to fester in my brain and all of these doubts were silenced the minute the classic John Williams Superman theme filled the theater accompanied by the classic swooshing credits.

I won't say much about the film (for fear of giving too much away) but Brandon Routh is a worthy Superman, who gives The Man of Steel a range of emotion that also makes him a man of flesh and blood. I do feel however it must be said that Routh is not quite as good as Christopher Reeve, but come on, who could be? Kevin Spacey makes the greatest Lex Luthor EVER, and I even preferred Kate Bosworth to Margot Kidders version of Lois Lane! I was actually giddy at certain parts and I wanted to stand up and cheer like my nephew Ben at a screening of 'Cars'. It's true to the comic, and it's true to it's film predecessor. In short, this is the best movie I've seen all year, DON'T miss it!


Gregg Anderson said...

So what did you guys think about 'Superman Returns'? Let me know what you thought, good or bad!

Anonymous said...

Boy you must be bored, you are replying to your own posts. I thought only I did that.


Anonymous said...

I am going tomorrow evening (Friday). I too am concerned, as you were. I hope I feel the same way when I leave the theatre.