Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On coaching drunks...

Thanks to my good friend Brian McGraw I've been roped into coaching T-Ball. T-Ball are 4-6 year olds playing Baseball off of a, you guessed it, tee. At first I was just an emergency fill in coach, but that was 4 practices ago! I am now a full time coach for T-Ball commissioner Brian McGraw who rules over Tuesdays and Thursdays with an Iron thumb of learning and fun!

And I must say I am amazed at how fun it is! First off forget anything about actually coaching. It is more like you are in charge of 11 drunken midgets all doing their own thing.

"Okay Bobby, you stand here. And Lisa you go over t..... No Bobby back here buddy! Great, don't move! Now Lisa were gonna move yo...No Bobby don't climb that fence you go over here where I showed you, okay big guy? Now Lisa, you c... Bobby! Over here Pal!"

And it goes on like that for about 15 minutes, and then once you have them all set up, Commissioner McGraw signals it's time for them to do something completely different.

It is very rewarding, as the kids are always smiling and they get better every time out. Could do with more single Moms though...

Hey I bet you're all wondering when the big ceremonial induction dinner is for Legion Branch #59 right? Well you all have to come and see me become 'official', I'll take no excuses...

Saturday June 2nd
Legion Branch #59 in Grand Forks
Drinks start at 5pm sharp!
It's pot luck so please bring a pot or some luck.

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