Sunday, May 06, 2007

On what to do in a small town.....

Well I'm back here where I grew up, Grand Forks, BC. Now what do I do? Well, thats a question I have mulled over for the last two months... what exactly do you do in a small town? I'm not a young guy anymore so going off and hitting the bars every night is out. there's not a whole lot of single women here to chase. The movie theater isn't exactly up to THX standards, and there's only a handful of people I know that still live here (But it's a fantastic handful)... so what to do?

Well to start off I joined the Grand Forks Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion (Branch #59 if you are scoring at home). I think I may be the youngest member but you know, that's okay because it's actually kind of fun. I'm all official with an actual Legion membership card and everything (Okay, my name was spelled wrong but I'm used to that by now)! So far, the Saturday Meat Draw is the only event I take place in (Won BIG last Saturday!) but I have been told by the higher up's that they 'have plans' for me. What those plans are I have no idea. Every week I keep asking when all the hot single women will show up to the Legion lounge, but everyone just says "Ummm, that's next week Gregg' then they pat me on my head and send me on my way. I'll keep you posted on all my Legion goings on and also WATCH THIS SPACE for info on my induction ceremony and dinner. It's were I get sworn in and all that good stuff. All my friends and family are hereby ordered to attend.... Date and time will be coming soon!

One thing I miss about the big city are my weekly batch of new comics. Yes in this small town of GF our old comic book shop 'Landmark Comics & Gifts' dropped the comics part about 15 years ago and I have to rely on a random five or six issues on magazine racks once a month. When you are a nerd like me, this STINKS! When I was a kid the drug stores here had HUGE circular racks full of comic goodness...but alas no longer. In fact I only know of three or four places in GF that even carry comics anymore. Hey, if you live in the boundary country and know of a place that sells comics, email me and let me know where! Now, no doubt there are various mail order places on the internet, and when I get more settled I'll look into getting back into new comic goodness in that fashion. Until then however, I have to hunt and peck my way through drug store shelves for a gem here and there.

So other than comics and meat, I'm trying to keep busy by visiting the few people in town I still know, and I'm walking (almost) every morning with my Dad through this very pretty little city. I had forgotten how good the silence is. When you go for a walk and all you hear are birds, and maybe a slight breeze, you don't get that in Surrey.

So please, if you can, come visit or call me. I have a new phone number and email. Drop me a line HERE , say hello and I'll give you the digits. WORD!

Crap I almost forgot...... before I go I want to say a very late congratulations to my good friend Marlies Dick (See pic below) who at the age of, well let's just say, just over 40, has become a Constable in the RCMP. It's hard enough to do it when you are a young whipper snapper, but to do it when you are a little older (NO, Marlies I'm not calling you old), have 4 kids, and a demanding husband is simply unheard of. I am sooo proud of Marlies. The RCMP just got a good person and it looks a little prettier now too! Way to go!

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