Monday, May 07, 2007

This crazy thing called facebook the kids are all talking about...

So a week or so ago my good friend Mike Ciccone sends me an email and says "sign up to Facebook" nothing more, nothing less. I go to this Facebook website and since I tend to do most of what Mike says (Although a few times I've had to say 'NO that's just WRONG!') I start putting in my personal info and add that nice picture of handsome ol' me you see over there to your right.

When I'm all set up, it tells me to add a friend so I add Mike Ciccone, and Bada Bing, I see all of Mikes friends that, lo and behold, happen to be many of my friends also. Then I start typing in names from the past, and BOOM, here's an ex-girlfriend I haven't talked to in 16 years, BAM, here's my good friend Geoff who I lost contact with forever and a day ago and so on, and so on. And if that weren't cool enough, people who I hadn't yet looked up, start to find me first and ask ME to be added to their friends list.... people from High School, people from College, you get the picture.

So whats the point to all of this... well nothing really, but it's been very cool to talk to several people I haven't seen in years. And since I have a bit o' time on my hands here in the Forks I have set up several coffee dates with Facebook friends as they march on through Grand Forks during the summer. Oh, there is a caveat to Facebook, and thats while I have been lucky to find many friends from my past, the majority of people on the site were born after I graduated High School, but hopefully it will grow and more people remember to look me up! So what are you waiting for go and sign up, but don't forget to add me!

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