Saturday, May 05, 2007

I can't believe I used to eat this shit....

Chocolate Peanut Butter.... I used to eat Chocolate freaking Peanut Butter. And not just once in a while but a LOT! I loved Kraft's Koogle and I think for a short time I felt it was even better than actual Peanut Butter. I thought of this food today because I was just thinking how we change, and how things evolve, because I've certainly done some changing and evolving as of late. I have moved from beautiful downtown Surrey to my old hometown of Grand Forks, BC as of March. Why the change? Well faithful readers of this blog (And yes I do still get emails about this blog) were no doubt left in the lurch by my rather dramatic last post here in December.... so here goes.

I'm back in GF to 'find myself' as it were, and looking for a change, a change I should have done some time ago. Things were just stagnant, and I wasn't getting better in my, once fun filled, apartment in Surrey. I had to go to a place and be closer to people who I loved, and loved me, a place where I had no choice but to be sociable and interact. Soooo, I'm here now and surrounded by loving family and friends who have helped me feel better about life, and more importantly, feel better about myself. I won't name names, but if I've been hanging around you for more than an hour at a time since I've been back in GF you've been a big help to my self-confidence and well being. Thank you all.

So what does the future hold? I don't know, and for the first time in two years I'm not going to worry about it. Huh? What was that? What does Koogle have to do with ANY of this? Well I don't really know, but I would LOVE to taste the stuff again today just to see what kind of crap I used to love as a kid!

I'll post more... and I hope you come back and read more.

Oh, one last thing. I've got a new email and I urge all of you to email me today!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back...I for one know how you loved it. Thanksgivng... trying to get you to eat Turkey. I smeared it with the koogle and you ate it. LOl. Made the rest of us rather ill.
Auntie Glo