Wednesday, May 31, 2006


You may notice to your RIGHT (and slight scroll down), I have a counter telling us who’s who when they come to visit. Now, I must say I am in shock at the amount of people who have come here to read my rather ordinary musings. I actually have a reader in Portugal who wrote me and said hi! Now this counter just doesn’t read ‘hits’ but rather 'Visits', meaning it only counts you once a day no matter how many times you access the blog, and it doesn’t count me at all. So yesterday alone, there were 22 individual visitors to this humble ol’ Blog. I’m very happy about that, thanks everyone! By the way, anyone ever heard of Andorra before?

The Job search continues! Today I applied for a couple of Provincial Government jobs and one of them sent me for a loop because I actually had to print off a PAPER application and fill it out by hand! WOW, in this day and age of emailing resumes or online applications, that was a real shocker. Anyhow the job was for a help desk position which is kind of what I used to do at Wellons so we’ll see what happens. I keep telling myself something will happen with all these jobs I’ve applied too… something HAS to happen right? As always if any of you have any leads, tips, or even an Idea, don’t hold back….. email me today!!!


Woke said...

Now you are big in United Arab Emirates too ;)
All the best in finding your job.

Rex Harris said...

Wasn't Andorra a character on Bewitched?