Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My dirty, dirty,secret...

If you’ve read my blog for the last little while you’ve read my feelings about the British show Doctor Who. The good Doctor is probably the greatest export from the British Isles since corgi toys! Well there is another show I watch from Old Blighty and I’m not as proud of my devotion to it (No doubt my British readers will have a chuckle over this one) I am addicted to a British soap opera called Hollyoaks!!!!

It’s brilliant! It has it all, romance, laughs, sex, drama, high adventure, and most of all it has IZZY!!!! Yes the character of Izzy Cornwell has just been introduced and it’s made a great show even greater! My only complaint is that I thought recently I had missed some episodes, but it turns out Hollyoaks released a Video only special entitled “Hollyoaks - Indecent Behaviour” that tied up, and started a bunch more storylines. I can’t find it ANYWHERE (well at least anywhere for a free illegal download)! So if anybody across the pond has a copy… send it on over! I’ve got a Hollyoaks jones and I need my fix!

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Rex Harris said...

Dude, that chick named Toit is hot. Glad to see you have come out of the closet as a flaming heterosexual. It's okay. I'm one too . . . God . . . I feel so much better now.